Her fierce Excellence, President Kat Acebuche

Prompt: You are to be the President of your country for a day, what would you do?

“I am the chosen one? That’s crazy! But why me?” Kat asked not letting the other person answer. She’s hysterical. The palace chose her to take care of her country while the President is away for another meeting overseas.

“The palace have narrowed down their choices and President Aquino chose you in the end.” The President’s spokesperson told her.

“Then tell me what to do!” She demanded, but the man only lowered his head as if a bow of agreement.

She came into Malacanang Palace and was welcomed by the cabinet members. She sat at the end of the table and looked around.

“So?” She asked.

“You are the country’s President for the day. You can make decisions for the country and it will never be deferred even when the President comes back.” One of the cabinet member’s informed her.

She thought for a while and asked again.

“Never. Like, never it will be deferred nor changed?” Saying this statement, emphasizing the word, never to make sure she heard them right.

“Yes.” Agreed the cabinet members in chorus.

“Well then.” She started and signaled the secretary to take note of everything and make everything she said official and legal. The secretary followed as instructed.

“First, I don’t need your opinions. You can react, but everything else will be final as I said so.”

All the cabinet members looked at each other and then shook their heads in disagreement and disbelief. They made the wrong decision and chose a wrong person. But Kat is determined to change her country by changing first the inside of the Palace going out.

“Second, when I left after 24 hours, I want Senator Mirriam Santiago to take over my place. She can say no, but she must appoint someone whom she thinks is best for the position. I don’t care who’s the Vice President of this country. I want her to take over the seat when I left. After all, everything will not be changed even after I leave from this chair.” She continued. Her voice with full authority.

One of the secretaries raised her hand and about to ask but she waived her hand and told her:

“Questions will be raised when I said so.” And then she continued.

“Lastly, I order to have all the Senators involved in the pork barrel issue be imprisoned in the city jail together with other criminals. No special treatments. Who says a rich criminal has to be treated differently? And I wanted it effective today!” She poked repeatedly the table to let the people know she’s serious with having it implemented right away.

Kat stood up and adjourned the meeting.

“But Miss President!” A cabinet member rose from his seat.

“I said, questions can only be raised when I said so.” She said pointing one finger above.

“It was nice finally meeting you all in person.” She roared in laughter and went off to call Senator Santiago who is at that time in America for her check up.



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