Today’s Hero

Prompt: What makes a hero of today?

Small deeds done every minute when grouped as one becomes bigger than a big deed done once in a while.

A traffic enforcer who guides little kids and elder one’s to cross the street either they needed an arm or not. A teacher who takes an extra step to let a student fully understand the lesson either he asked for it or not. A team manager (ahem), who sends an agent to take a few minutes rest every after a frustrated call, either requested or not. A stranger helping another stranger by giving the correct and exact direction of where the place is. Or being honest if he does not know.

Following simple street rules like; No J Walking or No parking in between the signs and Throw your trash in the designated bins.

Be honest, but use white lies not to hurt a person directly.

Respect everyone, anyone, all the time.

Say good things about other people.

No gossip at least for a week or never at all.

These and a couple more things – small or smaller to do every day that can have a huge difference in someone else’s life, the nature and the world.

So, if I will be given a chance to be Miss Earth World Universe, I will promote world peace and love by doing small little things every time either needed or not. Because no deed is small when done in a good way. Thank you and Mabuhay!



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