The Judgment of Paris: Revenge of the Princess

Prompt: Pretend Paris is a maiden and you are to change the story of Troy. Three of the great goddesses came to ask you who is the fairest of them all. Who would you choose?

Seated under the huge oak tree, Paris looked afar to the mountains and thought what would it be like if she’s home. She is very young to do shepherd’s work. Although her age may not be a question but her blood is an issue for the errand.

Despite being a royalty, the Princess of Troy and youngest child of King Priam, she has to suffer like an orphan. Her father sent her away to Mt. Ida for a fear that she would be the ruin of the country. At first she tried to understand but as the days pass by she became more lonely living alone, doing shepherd’s work when she can serve her country in a different way. And if there is only one way to prove her father wrong and take revenge to all the people who are against her existence…

A three cloudy creatures appeared before her eyes. Slowly the fogs reveal three beautiful women. Unlike her, their skin looked like a royalty like her brother Hector’s wife. But their’s were different. She then looked at each women and realize, she was staring at the three great goddesses. Despite of their differences they all look equally beautiful.

Aphrodite thought of a plan to make sure she will be chosen by the princess. But Hera thought her plans are better. Eventually, Zeus, the Lord of the Sky sent them to Paris. They didn’t know that the golden apple is just one of the troubles made by the goddess of Discord and the least popular, Eris. The apple marked “for the fairest” was thrown in the banqueting hall at the wedding of King Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis. All of the goddesses of course wanted the golden apple, but the choices were drawn into three: Aphrodite, Hera and Pallas Athena. But Zeus is wise enough not to make the judgment when asked who is the fairest among the three. He instead sent them to Mt. Ida near Troy where the princess and the fairest Trojan is attending a father’s task.

And now standing in front of the surprised young princess, each of them is determined to claim the apple. Considering bribery, each goddess offered her and she’s to choose whichever is best and worth taking.

Hera promised to make her the ruler of Europe and Asia; Athena, that she would lead the Trojans victory against Greeks and lay Greece in ruins; and Aphrodite, that the strongest man in all the world should be hers. Paris who seemed to be as determined as the goddesses, decided to give the golden apple to Athena.

That was the judgment of Paris that made Troy victorious for a while but was left in ruins at the end. Wise enough, her plan worked. She proved her father wrong by giving him the head of the King of Greece, and later dethroned him. But evil enough to set her own country on fire.

After abandoning her country, she married a handsome and powerful man, the Lord of Europe and Asia.

* Reference: Mythology (Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes) by Edith Hamilton



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