Just watched: Faith/The Great Doctor [Korean Drama Series]

What happens when your super fangirl sister introduces you her biases?

Source: wikipedia
Source: wikipedia

Faith or also known as the Great Doctor (which for me is more fitting to the story), is a South Korean drama aired on SBS in October 2013. The series is a mix of drama, action, romance, fantasy and historical.

Famous Woodalchi Captain, Choi Young must finish his last mission ordered by the previous King who’s very dear to him. His mission is to bring the new King back to Goryeo from Yuan.

Gongmin is a Goryeo son and was sent to Yuan as a tribute. He must later marry the Yuan Princess to become a King of his land. Apparently, someone is willing to dethrone him even before he laid his eyes to the country he didn’t see for years.  On their way home, the Queen was fatally injured when they were attacked in an inn where they stayed for a night. She was hit on the neck that may have been the cause of her early death.  According to one of the soothsayers, only the heaven’s doctor can save the Queen. No one would like to believe but the King realized it will be the only way to save the Queen. He was about to enter the mystical gate or known as the heaven’s gate, but Choi Young, the bodyguard who has no fear with death offered himself to pass through the gate.

He then came out in a big city and saw a doctor. To make sure she can save the Queen, he showed her where she was injured by slaying a knife to a man. And the doctor proved him that she’s the one he’s looking for. He then kidnapped the doctor believing that she’s the high doctor, the apprentice of H’wata (said to be the Chinese high doctor who fled to the mystical gate).

Yoo Eun-so, saved the Queen from death and she was about to return home as promised by Choi Young. But King Gongmin forced her to stay. And the story continued from there.

This drama series led by the Korean super star, actor Lee Min-ho, is rumored to be aired in the Philippines (this is according to my sister who is an obsessed minoz). So am not going to talk more about it although there are a lot of Episode Recaps and Reviews with spoilers all over the internet.  Instead, let me give you my thoughts and yes, FEELINGS about the series.

Favorites Characters:

  1. King Gongmin (Ryu Deok-hwan)
    Source: dramafever.com
    Source: dramafever.com

    Young and smart and was raised in Yuan. These are the advantages of the 21-year old King. But behind his courageous personality are doubts. He can easily be deceived. He wasn’t a perfect King. He’s got his own imperfections and issues. But for someone who can only recognize the country as his birthplace, he stood strong not just for his own gain but also for his people, friends and his loved one. He conquered the odds and chose to fight for the independence of his country. His love for the Queen as well may seem colder than a winter night at first, but as the days passed it blossomed like flowers in spring.

  2. Choi Young (Lee Min-ho)
    Source: kdramastars.com
    Source: kdramastars.com

    He had been serving the King for the past seven years of his life. He is loyal to the Kings. He is even called as the King’s dog. Choi Young is the Captain of the soldiers, Woodalchi and later became a General.  His name indeed deserves a part of the history because of his greatness. In the series, the warrior was portrayed to have his own personal issues and even doubts, but they put them aside whenever he needs to do his duties for the Palace. His relationship with King Gongmin surely is more than just being the King’s shield when an enemy draws his sword; he’s also a friend- someone dear to him.

  3. Queen Noguk (Park Se-young)
    Source: dramabeans.com
    Source: dramabeans.com

    I got really confused as the story goes on. At the part (the scene where she first met the King), she didn’t tell him she’s the Yuan Princess whom he never met and sworn to never marry. But as I start observing her, I knew she’s a royal because she certainly knows how to act like one. Her face may look still most of the times but you know when she worries about the situation, is concern about the King and how she feels for him because of her eyes. I love the part when she tried to do something like how a regular wife would do to her anxious husband. And I am more thrilled by her chemistry with the King than the lead characters.

  4. Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-sun)
    Source: dramalist.com
    Source: dramalist.com

    It’s a love-hate kind of feeling for this Surgeon wanna-marry-a-rich-man-to-get-her-own-clinic-and-be-rich single woman. She’s stubborn! When asked to stay, she rans away. She’s chatty and sometimes annoying. I love though how she was careful not to spill out everything about the future in the fear that the history might change and may affect the following generations.  But what I love the most about her is that she chose to go back and wait until she met him again. (Ooops! Did I just said that? Haha!)

  5. Prince Ki Chul (Yoo Oh-sung)
    Source: dramafever.com
    Source: dramafever.com

    It’s not that I love this man. He just turned to be worth the mention on this list. I remember he said something like this to Eun-soo: “You have flying carriages in the future? But why people still want more?” Not probably the exact lines, but if you know what he means. This Prince of the Court believes that the more the people he has the more powerful he is.

  6. The Woodalchi
    Souce: dramabeans.com
    Souce: dramabeans.com

    It’s either protecting the royal couple and the palace, the people or their General; these men are true models of traditional bromance.

The Verdict:

Though, I didn’t feel the chemistry of Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun, I’d say the story is beautifully written. There are probably a couple of past-meets-future and vice versa kind of stories out there but this one got my attention I finished the 24 episodes all in 2 sittings (If only I didn’t have to go to work that night, I could have finished it ‘til dawn).  I fell in love with Ryu Deok-hwan and Park Se-young. Truly, an OTP! They really make a good royal couple together.

The silent tears of the couple that melted my heart.  [Source: dramabeans.com]
The silent tears of the couple that melted my heart.
[Source: dramabeans.com]
This is also the first time I saw Lee Min-ho in an action sort of series (most of those I have watched, he’s playing the role of a cold-hearted, childish royalty) and I was really observant.  He was fine. For me (with that disclaimer), perhaps less awkward-slow-motion effects and less turn-your-head-back-to-me-slowly effect, he can already make a more effective great warrior.

There’s also a little turn-off of his mannerism. The way he touches his forehead so lightly like a royalty (the way he did in The Heirs and Boys over flowers), looking like he intends to flip his bangs back. I think that didn’t work for me, good thing I only remember him doing it once.

But to sum everything up, it was a stunning, moving series with twists and turns. I am predicting it’ll take me another set of the entire 24 episodes and a couple of more weeks before my feelings submerged. I am still all over King Gongmin! I’m so in love with his character and so as Ryu Deok-hwan’s handsomeness – actually, more on his handsomeness. Haha!

FYI: This isn’t the first and only Korean drama series I’ve watched in my entire life. Last year, I watched The Heirs and had a crush on Kim Woo Bin. But that series didn’t quiet made me fell in love I forgot to write about it.

Info Credits: Wikipedia.com | AsianWiki.com



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