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Hala, Juko!


So here’s another attempt to fill-in this section of the blog. 😀 I have been quite disappointed that it’s taking me soooo long to update and finalize my Cebu closet. It’s still very limited. Although I’m working on expanding it every month, I fail to do so for one common reason: I’m always on a budget for fangirling purposes. :)) So I most of the times raid my sister’s or my cousin’s closet. haha!


I fell in love at first sight with these platforms. So I didn’t think twice about getting them from the racks. Ukay-ukay stores are much accessible here in Cebu. I can just make a trip if I want to own some unique pieces like these babies without the exaggerating traffic. I also got another pair that looks very “dolly”.

I stopped wearing high heels on a daily basis (or should I say, not at all), and I had a funny feeling wearing platforms for the first time. But I’m getting used to them now. 🙂 And the shirt is becoming my favorite.! 🙂 It’s the #LArcMNL shirt I got from L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippines.

And now here’s a not really childish photo. 😀


Bag: Cousin’s | Headpiece: Broadway Gems | Elastic band (as an arm candy): SM Department Store | Leggings: Sister’s | Platforms: Ukay-ukay, Mandaue



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