I have seen a couple of blog posts in wordpress and shares in facebook and some tweets about VAMPS’ single: Vampire’s Love. But tonight (or should I say, today since it’s already 3AM my time), was my first time to listen to the song.

I don’t really follow L’Arc’s solo projects. And even Hyde is my bias, I don’t really listen to VAMPS. Revolution was the only song that I used to listen to whenever I simply need more dosage of Hyde.  It was the only song until this song touched my heart.

I would say on this song, Hyde’s “engrish” got better. I think with the band’s international debut, he had to work on his English.

Since I chose to listen first to the English version, I had to close my eyes to focus on hyde’s singing. And listening to him was amazing! The beautiful voice that goes very-very well with the genre is of course given-it’s hyde,duhh! Undeniably, the voice has that charisma. But what struck me really are the words- the lyrics of the song. His pronunciation was so clear I can’t believe it’s hyde who’s singing and the lyrics going straight from my ears to my brain, to my heart until it reached my eyes. And with the Music Video?  Heavens! Very beautiful! That’s all I can say.

Single: Vampire’s Love | Release Date: 10.08.14 | Lyrics/Music: Hyde | English Lyrics