The Bug (Just Random)

November ended and I didn’t join any blogging or writing challenge. And although I have been trying to write daily by keeping a diary, writing something for my blog is always a different thing for me. Now, pardon these random thoughts as it is past nine in the evening and my mouth is still hot with the Ramen I have just eaten.

The eastern side of the country is experiencing the typhoon today. My family lives in one of the provinces that are currently hit by this typhoon internationally named Hagupit. The last time we were able to contact them was yesterday afternoon. We know they’re all safe because a day before the typhoon, they’ve already evacuated to a relative. My grandmom’s house is near the river, ours is quiet far.

As of writing the weather here in Cebu has gotten better. This morning, my friend and I walked going home from the office because the weather is well… perfect for me. It wasn’t sunny. Not too rainy and windy… just the perfect weather to walk along silent roads contemplating with a friend. Ahhh… You know that dramatic feeling. Haha! But really, it wasn’t as bad as last year’s.

I have been feeling exhausted and worn out the past few weeks. I am welcoming (not very warm) the third week of my new role as my team’s OIC while our manager is assisting the new waves. But as far as this new role is concern, it’s a bitter-sweet, love-hate kind of feeling. Of course there are those oh-so-good stuff but there is also that stuff you want to curse for as long as you can.

It is a roller-coaster with a mix of space disco and extreme tower kind of ride. I was of course expecting it but didn’t expect the insanity level of the ride. Judging the two weeks can’t be right, but am doin’ it anyway just because.

I’ve been doing some managerial stuff everyday and of course every day is a learning process. Everyday there are those failures that I need to correct the following day. And I am just reminding my self not to get too stressed and just enjoy the fun of failure.

Now flipping over to another topic; I have been testing some products to address some skin type and hygienic issues. As everyone may not know, I am an OSPW (Oily, Sensitive, Pigmented, Wrinkled) and had no idea until I took the Skin Type Test designed by Dr. Baumann. Recently, I’ve been trying products for my self so I could stick to one product that can help me address one of my insecurities: flawless skin, without the tearing my bank account apart.  I also started taking a pill to address my health and other body issues. Basically, I am just taking care more of my self because my work is now even more stressful. I have to remind my self daily that I have to take good care of my self or my dreams will stop very early. Plus, I don’t want to lie somewhere and regret I didn’t try hard enough to take care of my body that it wasted my life.

Soon enough I’ll be sharing more about these little stuff I’m doing for my self in a hope of helping others too. For now, let’s enjoy the rest of our day! 😉





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