Yawn. Write. Nevermind. Sleep.

It is always my work that makes me exhausted in my daily life. It has been quite a while since I had a two-day straight off and I felt both excitement and at the same time anxious.

Anxious because my body had been used to working 3 days and an off before going back to another 2 days work. I always feel uneasy specially if it involves about changing my body clock. And if there’s a mind-set there’s also a body-set. My body schedules to rest on the 4th day and I was worried a bit that I might not be able to make it ‘til Friday. But hey, I did!

On the other hand, I felt excitement because I’ll finally have a 2 day non-stop rest day and I’ll have enough time to catch up with everything I missed on facebook, with friends and the fandom. Gosh, fandom has been crazy specially L’Arc~en~Ciel! And it’s sad that I missed all of those updates. Speaking of Laruku, my DVD is still waiting on my list. Just recently I’ve started my “urgent needs vs needs” sorting and the DVD sadly fell on the “needs” part that I have to wait until I have everything is settled from “urgent needs”… If you get what I mean. Now I realize I should have put the DVD under “urgent needs”. Haha!

This is just a little update. I’ve been feeling guilty that I’ve been trying to write something with sense but all my thoughts are just not there whenever my fingers are ready to type. I’d like to write something about stepping up and being misunderstood. I’d also like to start my beauty diary since it’s been 3 months since I started the trial and error tests and observations. I’ve always wanted to start crossing an item from my blogdeas (blog ideas) list but my eyes are tired and my head is always in bed whenever I’m off from work. In fact, as I type this, I don’t even know what the heck I am blogging about. I don’t even know why I tried typing in the first place! I just opened my laptop and closed my facebook and logged in to wordpress. And… I have a hunch that this will end with nothing as well. So yeah. I’m ending it as early as now. Let me just read some blogs and wish you guys a great weekend!

Ohhh… Christmas is around the… actually, it’s already here! Alas! I’ll be spending it again in the office. Pays really well anyway. Not only you’re getting paid double, you also have that chance to spend Christmas with friends and colleagues- your family away from home! 🙂




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