All I need is a walk

Walk for most people is nothing but a walk. But for some, it’s an exercise or a meditation.

I walk a lot because I sit all day at work and walking helps my blood circulation and prevents me from over-fatigue. Plus, I tend to think clearly after. Recently, I’ve been having difficulties processing my thoughts or organizing them. I’ve been wanting to write something sensible or something from my list but I couldn’t because number one, I’m tired but during my rest day I couldn’t find a way to organize my thoughts.

So this morning I woke up at 6:45 and thought about exercising. Jogging was first option and IT Park is the only nearest place where I could complete this. So I wore my yellow race-back top, leggings and paired it with my yellow running shoes. I also had a reason I wanted to jog around IT Park: I had to withdraw some cash for this week’s budget. So I carried my ATM card in my waist-bag together with my phone. I walked from my place to the park (this is around 60-100 meters).

Ok, so my plan was to jog but when I reached IT Park, I decided to continue walking heading to the bank directly. I took time to do a breathing exercise and this opened my all my senses.


The wind blew from my right so I smelled a couple of scents: dried cement and metals from the under-construction buildings. The scent of the wet grass, the trees and its trunk, the land with goat’s manure… and I started imagining I am not in a park. I am in farm. Tehe! : )

I smelled my own. The scent of my shampoo from last night’s shower. My sweat. My bed.

I smelled other people’s scent: Fresh coming to the office or exhausted going home from the office.

The smoke from the cars and motorcycles, and the inviting aroma of coffee and waffles as I pass by a café.


Other than the music from my playlist, I can still hear other sounds despite of the maximum volume on my ears. I can hear the sound of the air. The cars and motorcycles as they zoomed on the road. The swinging of leaves from the trees and those little birds tweeting. The sound of the goat eating grass- yes, there are goats in IT Park and I don’t know who owns them and where they come from. They just wander around in the less crowded part of the park.

I can hear people talking, laughing and coughing. And I thought this is really good. So I continued walking focusing on what I was already doing: waking up my senses.


I saw people walking leisurely and hasty. They come in and out of the building, closing and opening shop doors. I saw people sitting, relaxing. Some people wearing their exercise outfits stretching, running, dancing. The cars and the motorcycles with their drivers. And behind the glasses and the helmets, I could see a relaxed face and the “I-am-effin’-late” face. The goats, of course. Though, I didn’t see the birds.

And what made my day was seeing a grandpa with his little granddaughter. My guess, grandpa is in his late 70’s and the cute girl is around two. They were walking, with her hand in his hand. I passed by them smiling at them. Grandpa then let go of her hand and started teasing her like he’s running away or jogging- I don’t know. The little girl then started running too with her little feet in pink sandals. So cute!


When I walk I have the habit of touching anything; the plants along the pathways, the walls, and the flowers. For what reason? That I don’t know. I can also feel the warm 7AM sun touching my skin. The coldness of the December air, and I thought hey, it’s Christmas! I nearly forgot about that!

I swear, ever since I started working, I didn’t feel the holidays as much I used to.  That’s because I used to have wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my family until I worked far away from home. I remember spending Christmas with my colleagues at work and watching the fireworks from the office during New Year’s Eve.  In 2012 though, I had an amazing time with my relatives in Manila. But now I am spending my Christmas again at work. Last year, I literally cried while watching fireworks on a New Year’s Eve from my room. This year, I’ll be in the office and I am excited because I look forward for a wonderful night with the people who are like me, spending their Christmas and New Year’s Eve at work.

See how amazing walking is? Not only you exercise your body, you also exercise your brain, reminisce and time-travel. By walking you also get to plan something you want to do after or realize positivism. Now, I’m ready for Tuesday (yep, don’t have Mondays unless my work starts at 10pm on a Monday night). : ) And… am also ready for a blogging marathon. Haha!




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