In city tour: Cebu Westown Lagoon

A weekend getaway can be stressful. Beach resorts are quiet far from the main city and travelling can be exhausting. Specially going back home. Sometimes we wish there’s a place near the city where weekends can be spent without any hassle. Well, that’s now possible!

I’ve been wanting to check out the place since it became a trend in the city. Luckily, my friends invited me over for a year-end and kick-off party.


Located at FF Moonlight Street, Subangdaku Mandaue City, Cebu Westown Lagoon is easy to find. Near MO2 (a bar) and a walking distance from Parkmall, the resort is really in the middle of a busy city.

A Hotel, a Resort with a classy function room, 2ft kids waterpark, 4 ft main pool, 2 Jacuzzi pools and crazy slides, with its Aztec/Greek-inspired architecture with a touch of a modern class, Cebu Westown is definitely a pretty place! And the fact that you are obviously in the middle of a busy city relaxing and having fun, is a great pleasure.

Pool day use is only 300php with a free drink. No corkage fee for food brought from outside. They have their own restaurant and a bar near the pool. Cottage rates from P1,200 to P2,400. But if you don’t want to rent one, you can freely use the tents with tables and chairs.

For a place like this, especially during holidays and Sundays, I expect a not so good washroom and shower area. And to my surprise; my expectations failed. The washrooms are well-maintained by the staff. From time-to-time an attendant washes off the bad smell with a floral scent cleaner- a very familiar fabric conditioner. 🙂

Although during our visit, which was still a holiday and a Sunday as well, the Jacuzzi pools became an instant kiddy pool. It was gloomy during that day, so everyone; kids and adults wanted to soak in to a hot water. Apparently, adults want to relax but the kids want to play and have fun.

We also tried the slides which my friend described as “insane” though he didn’t try it himself (the description is based on his brother’s experience). I tried both slides and I had more fun with the twists in the green flume. You must try it too!


More about Cebu Westown Lagoon:



Contact Numbers: GLOBE:0977-215-8529 | SMART:0939-345-3129  | SUN:0932-567-2461

Fun hours: 24 hours, everyday including holidays!



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