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Hi Jean! [Because having one means loving yourself]

Beauty. Most women (if not everyone), is a huge fan of beauty. Hygiene. Surely, everyone is obsessed with this. As a Filipina who lives a tropical country and does an unlikely job, I have my own daily, weekly and monthly routines. I’m not really a fan of healthy living (for some childish, probably ungodly reasons), but I try to live healthy for the sake of my life AND beauty- of course.

LOVING MY BODY I love this body! Nope, not just the curves but the body as a whole. Without this, I would be a ghost, so I have to take care of this. As mentioned earlier, I live in a tropical country and a daily shower is a must. How many times do you shower? Some, once in a day, others twice or even more than that. I, on the other hand showers twice a day. No more. No less. I don’t want to overwhelm my skin with soap as it can dry up my skin. Not only that, I spend at least 30 minutes in the shower. How long is yours? I scrub my body using an exfoliating glove.

And I do it every day before hitting the bed. I know it sounds too much, but I just can’t stand how dirty I still feel even after shower specially that I go out of the office with the scorching heat at eleven in the morning and the pollution I have to fight on my way home. In the evening though, before I go to work, I use a sponge. Yep. You already got it. If you just happened to stumble upon this blog, I work in the BPO industry.

Before discovering body wash, I didn’t care much about the soap I am using. There have been those times in high school when most girls would probably use beauty soaps on their bodies but I was using a laundry bar! Aha, a laundry bar soap. I don’t know, I just feel like when I use that  kind of soap I am well-cleansed, because my skin feels tight and dry (which back then I thought is the feeling of being clean). My mom didn’t like that idea though, but I was stubborn.

In college, I’ve experimented and used different kinds of bath soaps; from baby’s to inexpensive beauty soaps in the TV Ads and magazines.  After my school life, I switched to probably two brands of soaps. From a baby bath soap to a whitening kojic acid based one. I liked the whitening soap and used it for years. Until late 2014, I realized my skin is drying out (due to shaving) that I had to switch to a milk-based formula and found about a moisturizing body wash. I couldn’t explain how important using a good bath soap. Now I feel my skin is smooth and soft and I’m lovin’ it!


My hair is wavy, damaged, and unruly and honestly, it’s my lowest-maintenance. I sometimes forget my hair. For as long as I shampoo and condition it, I’m good to go. It’s just mid-last year when I’ve read Michelle’s blog post about shampooing right and her other posts about taking care of the hair. And following most of tips did help my hair to be soft. I know it’s unruly but it’s still soft because people told me so. A friend of mine was even surprised because she thought my hair is really dry as it looks like.

Aside from the daily conditioner, I also do a weekly DIY hair treatment, which most of the times consists of hair masks and serums. I most of the times tie my hair in a bun or braid it because of its unpleasing look, but I let it loose when I’m at home or whenever I feel to, so it can breathe. I’ve had my hair treated more than thrice. From rebonding to coloring. And the damage was mostly caused by unhealthy hairstyle and the coloring. But I give it a love as well from time to time, because hair is the crowning glory of every woman, and so it is mine despite of its too many imperfections.

FGO (For Girls only)

…Unless you, girls at heart want to try this. Though, it wouldn’t probably be necessary.  : )

Feminine Wash.

I know some girls who don’t use feminine wash. I don’t know why. This stuff keeps the skin from drying that causes itchiness especially for those who shave. I’ve started using one when I was in high school. And it’s not just in the commercial that it says it keeps you cool and clean all day- it really does in reality.

Some of these girls I know don’t also use a panty liner. Their reason for not using one is because it can cause cancer. Wearing a panty liner all day, 24/7 even at bed time can probably cause harm on your body and health. But not when you use at least just during the day at school, at work or a night out with friends. It keeps you clean and dry.

Haven’t you noticed the yellowish stain on your under-garment? Doesn’t it also feel awkward during pre and post period days? Doesn’t it also smell so un-pretty? Although, of course people will not smell you on the under directly but that’s part of our hygiene. How you actually feel is how you act. So when you feel awkward, you will act awkward.

BO (Body Odor)

Any beautiful face can be ruined by body odor. Agree? Because I know a lot of gorgeous, pretty girls who boys don’t like because of their smell. Well, who cares about boys when you have girlfriends? But trust me, even your girlfriends don’t like that bad smell. Some of them can’t just tell you frankly. But if someone from them just told you, congratulations! You have a real friend who really cares about you!

Even if you shower every day- do it even more than twice or thrice a day, you still want to put something on your underarms so when you sweat it wouldn’t cause you any issues.

My mom first introduced tawas to us when we were in high school. I was really active at school from softball team to dance group and I sweat easily. And because of hormone developments plus the weather, I have to use tawas because I smell really bad after an hour. Like, really bad that people don’t want to be near with me!

Antiperspirant deodorants were introduced to me when I was in college because of a different environment. Late 2013 though, when I started to have issues with my left underarm. It just don’t smell nice even without sweating. That’s why I have to change back to pure tawas and then try some other products. And am glad, I’ve finally found a milk-based deodorant that helped me resolve the issue. I’d love to share it next time.


Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use a mouth wash too to fight bacteria and keep your mouth smell and feel fresh. Floss and visit the dentist.


Wash your hands and apply hand-sanitizer. Our hands are the dirtiest part of our body because it holds and touches anything from clean to dirty. We use our precious hands from holding a phone to eating. So not only it can pass germs to our skin, it can also go inside our body- which by the way more harmful than the pimple the dirt can cause on our face.

I know this post is quiet long. Oh wait for it, I have another set. Haha! But I really hope this would help, especially to those who are starting out in the adolescent stage where not only hormones are changing, but as well as personality and lifestyle. But if you are someone who’s only scrolling because you want to develop a good hygiene because of whatever reason or purpose, GREAT! I really hope this post will help you. And if you are someone who has a better routine or advice, I’d love to hear yours and try it. I’ve learned all of these from other people and would appreciate to know a new one or two that I can add to my daily sanitation routine. 🙂




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