All about HYDE (A Marshmallow Day Special)

PERSONAL PROFILE:hydevamps_zpsa2728fbc

Birth Name: Takarai, Hideto

Birth Date: January 29, 1969

Birth Place: Wakayama, Japan

Civil Status: Married (We all have to accept this fact! Haha!)


Stage Name(s): hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel)

HYDE (Solo and VAMPS)

Genre(s): Rock (Alternative, Pop, Hard, Progressive)

Occupation(s): Musician, Singer-songwriter, Producer, Actor

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Harmonica

Associated with: Jerusalem’s Rod (19xx- 1991)

L’Arc~en~Ciel (1991-present)

VAMPS (2008-present)

Years active in the industry: 1990-present

Record Labels: Ki/oon, Gan-Shin, Tofu, Vamprose



Jerusalem’s Rod

  • Guitars


  • Vocals
  • Main Lyricist

P’unk~en~Ciel (L’Arc~Ciel’s side Project)

  • Guitars

HYDE (Solo):


  • Roentgen (March 2002)
  • 666 (December 2003)
  • Roentgen English Version (October 2004)
  • Faith (April 2006)


  • Evergreen (October 2001)
  • Angel’s Tale (December 2001)
  • Shallow Sleep (February 2002)
  • Hello (June 2003)
  • Horizon (November 2003)
  • Countdown (October 2005)
  • Season’s Call (February 2006)


  • Roentgen Stories (2004)
  • Faith Live (2006)


  • Kei , Moon Child (2003)
  • Adam, Kagen no Tsuki (2004)
  • Bakuman (voice), Bakuman (2011)

RANDOM HYDE FACTS:hyde-sama_sleepingkawaii

  1. If we take a look at his years of activity, we conclude, he never rest since his Jerusalem’s Rod’s days. 😀
  2. He’s partially colorblind so he mostly sketches in black and white.
  3. He loves Harry Potter and cried while watching the movie.
  4. When he was young, his mother who wanted to have a girl dressed him up like a girl and let him go to school with a red backpack (In Japan, girls wear red backpack while boys wear blue).
  5. He’s an only child. So we understand mom. J
  6. It was reported that he can’t swim. But am not quite sure how accurate is this these days. I would like to assume he already took a swimming lesson. Haha!
  7. He can imitate Doraemon’s voice!
  8. He has a really big appetite! If we don’t see a picture of him sticking his tongue out, with a duck face or his nipples, we see a photo of him eating.
  9. [The sweetest fact] He married his CRUSH! ❤ ❤ ❤
  10. [L’Arc~en~Ciel] In early days, he would ask Tetchan to give him hickey marks on the neck before they go on stage.
  11. He had a bike accident when he was younger. It wasn’t the usual fall down when you’re learning how to drive the thing. It was terrible he still can remember it.
  12. Falls asleep almost everywhere he wouldn’t care whether it’s soft couch or a hard floor.
  13. We all know he knows how to dance. He just love to be off-beat sometimes… because he’s sexy anyway.
  14. Was rumored to be divorced but turned out to be just a rumor. (I hope this didn’t break too many hearts.J)
  15. He loves churches! 1
  16. He’s religious despite being a previously self-proclaimed Atheist. His album, FAITH is the proof of this. 2
  17. The marshmallow trademark was given by ken. It was because of his “you-know”. 😀
  18. [L’Arc~en~Ciel] His braids take an hour to finish! While other members’ only consume five minutes for their hair.
  19. He’s probably the only man I know that has the neatest eyebrows!
  20. During L’Arc’s indie days and even up to today when he cross-dress, a lot of people would misguidedly think he’s a girl. (I’ve also done a test of this with my friends and colleagues to make sure it wasn’t only me. J)
  21. His English improvement was awesome!
  22. He’s only 5’5” tall. Short and very cute, ne?!
  23. VAMPIRES do exist. He’s one of them! (And we’d like to be bitten!)



HYDE’s take to fashion (if I may say so) is bold and adventurous with a feminine touch. Although I would say, I prefer Ken-chan’s classic look, I love how hyde can manage to still look beautiful and sexy despite of being short.

He’s also a trend setter! Really a bomb! Who else loves the Diva hat and the Chanel sunnies?

Recent fantasy:


I know- we know he’s only wearing a long-sleeved top and some jeans with sunnies and his feathered earrings which is becoming a trend, but he’s still hot and sexy on this photo.



Hyde is he who nails and rocks his natural hair color, a blond, long or short, straight or braided, even wavy and curly!

I don’t have a favorite because he looks really good with any hairstyle. I just can’t imagine yet if he goes bald. But who knows, he might as well nail it- or even make it a trend too!


L’Arc~en~Ciel Songs:

  • Seventh Heaven
  • Hitomi nu Jyunnin
  • Alone en la Vida
  • Jojoushi
  • Anemone


  • Revolution
  • Vampire’s Love
  • Memories
  • Sweet Dreams

HYDE (Solo)

  • Glamorous Sky
  • Secret Letters
  • Season’s Call
  • Evergreen
  • Words of Love

When I first heard Words of Love, I thought it was another international artist. I got so curious because it was part of his album. So, I searched for a video and found the music video in youtube, it was really HYDE. His engrish was unnoticeable in this song than in Secret Letters (English version). In all honesty, I didn’t like some of the English version of his songs because I could feel him and his emotions are deeper and better with the original versions.  Even if I was fascinated by the English version of Vampire’s Love; I felt the emotions more and cried over the Japanese version. I think he’s conscious in pronouncing the English words correctly, that he sort of forgot how to sing the song naturally. But these are just of course an OC fan’s view. Hahaha! The English version of Chase was drop-dead awesome, though!

THE QUESTION:” Why you love him?”

This is tough! Our love for this beauty is unconditional we can’t even explain further. Aside from his beautiful face and the more beautiful voice, the great talent, funny antics and the sexiness … I don’t know. And really, people should stop asking us this question. Haha!


WE LOVE YOU! And it’s every fan’s dream to see you in flesh! I really hope I’ll soon see you perform live, have you sign my notebook and take a “selfie” with you… then I can die after!

We wish you more blissful 46 years to inspire more people!

Sending you love, prayers, hugs and kisses from the Philippines,


Miscellaneous and Credits:

  1. I’ve learned this from Lara, an elite hydeist and a universal fangirl. J
  2. A nice review to read on about FAITH:

Personal and Artist Profile:

HYDE Facts: and

Images: (Credits to its original owners) and The Hydeist (facebook)


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    1. Hi Alva Starr! Yeah. I think the reference I had understood it differently. 🙂 A friend recently confirmed Hyde is actually shorter after she saw him in JKT. Her estimation is he’s about 5’2″. Very short.


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