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Love You Harder

February 13, 2015 and you’re still single. So what? You scrap that thought, dressed-up and went out with friends after work for a pre-valentine’s day celebration.

While on your way to the mall inside the cab, you and your friends were talking stuff about work and suddenly Arian Grande started to sing…

 “Tell me somethin’ I need to know…”

You suddenly feel like dancing and singing but your friends just continued talking. Although your mouth is shut and your body’s stiff, you head is singing to the song.

“… Cause if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder.”

And the cold feeling is inside you again.

When will your rock star steps down from the stage to take you with him and run away from the spot light? When will your prince charming and his white horse come to take you away from the castle of loneliness? All these of pathetic thoughts came running into your head and your long time crush’s face flashed in your mind.

Woah! Not here, not now!

You tried to focus on your friends. You laughed with them without any idea why they’re laughing.

You went out of the cab and thankfully, your focus is now with your friends.  The entire day is filled with so many laughter’s and sweet treats.

You arrived in your room with a smile and started to play some music. You were dancing  like crazy to L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Seventh Heaven and then Ariana Grande’s Love me Harder played next. You wanted to shut it down but you sat on the floor listening to the song, and for some reasons, you feel so ridiculous because what’s the song has to do with your singlehood, anyway?

And this is how my pre-Valentine’s Day story went. 😀

LOD | Top: Whatever // Dress: Gaisano Department Store // Socks: Forever 21 // Platforms: Thrift Shop –Mandaue City, Cebu // Bag: SM Department Store //

Maitre Chocolatier – Ayala Terraces Cebu



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