2015 Spring-Summer Playlist

Music lets you taste the sourness of a candy, the bitterness of a dark chocolate or the sweetness of the sugar. It allows you to see different colors, reminds you of the precious moments that have been tucked at the back of your memory. It also makes you feel every season and adds more sensation to it.

And so, here are my Spring-Summer playlist that brings joy, excitement and all the sunny, dewy feelings to my heart. Most parts of the world are celebrating spring this time but here in the Philippines we can only wish we have one. I think if we have spring, this will be my favorite season but since we don’t, so summer is my favorite. Haha!

[Love Blossom- K.Will]

This was first introduced to me by my KPop enthusiast sister in summer 2012. And since then, this has become my annual summer theme song. It’s meant for spring but because it was introduced to me in summer while the other side of the world is spring, it reminds me of the beautiful flowers blooming under the ray of an overjoyed sunshine. It also reminds me of the sound of the waves that touches the shore, the blueness of the skies and big, white, soft clouds. Ahhh… good old memories of summer 2012!

[Perfect Blue- L’Arc~en~Ciel]

You will never miss a single L’Arc~en~Ciel song in any kind of occasion or season. Whenever I wish for summer to hurry, this song is my time machine.  And every time I listen to it, there’s that Hawaiian feeling. I can imagine myself playing a Ukulele (although in real life I can’t), the flower in my hair, the warmth of the sea breeze that touches my skin, my super tanned skin. I can even taste the fresh four-season juice on my lips. I can hear the sound of the birds flying and the swinging of the trees. Hawaii: my dream summer destination.

[Indian Summer- Jang Keun-suk]

This is something new to the playlist and this only means one thing: I’m really updating my playlist! Hahaha! I didn’t add this song to my playlist just because I’m recently addicted to this pretty boy- although it’s obviously given that I am. But this song reminds me of non-stop summer parties, campfire by the beach and of course, hot boys! Ooookaaayyy…

[Back down to earth- Michelle Shaprow]

This song is everything that I need and I want to do all throughout the season.  I just… wanna take the bus today and read a book along the way…

[Rest of you- Late Night Alumni]

Becky’s voice is so angelic and cold in an amazing way. Rest of you reminds me the color of the skies when the summer sun sets. It makes me imagine myself lying on the beach sand watching the sun sets behind the calm waters while the colors change from sunshine yellow to a gradient yellow-orange and the rest turns black.

[Smooth Jazz-Reggae/Bossa]
You can never go wrong with a collection of heavenly mixed smooth jazz and reggae or bossa. It tastes like tequila sunrise or boracay rhum.



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