Dear Melody,

Today I got rejected. Not that it’s the first time, but this time is quite different from the other rejections I had. My heart was broken and not only that, it looked like tomorrow will be fuzzy. BUT because I met you, it was easier to beat the pain and move on.

You’re only eleven yet the world has taught you so much. No matter how difficult the challenges are, you are able to survive and live another day like nothing happened yesterday. It didn’t change you no matter how many times it made you feel so vulnerable. I’ve always known people like aren’t only strong but also smarter than anyone else.

You are such a beauty! I adore you so much for being you and not pretend to be someone else to fit with other kids. At a very young age, you’ve experienced so much that honed you to be an amazing and cool eleven year old girl.

A guy might not look at you the way they’d look at other girls, but if the day comes that you’ll feel pity to yourself or worse, curse the world; always remember that there two men who truly loves you for who you are: your sweet Dad and God.

Remember that whatever happens to you isn’t your fault- It’s no one’s fault. Don’t carry the world on your tiny shoulders!  Every time you feel like being a burden and about to give up, keep in mind that there are people who love you and will never leave by your side… and I will be there to cheer you up!

Be strong young lady! The world is tough but you are tougher and smarter. You are loved!

Thank you for being such an inspiration!



[Current reading: Out of my Mind by Sharon M Draper]



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