Suuuuuuuuumer! Finally, the cold nights have been replaced with warmer ones. Not that I hate cold nights, I just love the thought AND the fact that it’s already summer in the country! I can hear Olaf singing in the background.

And so, I thought of sharing some of my summer favorites-slash-must haves for the sake of… well… sharing it! Hahaha!

  1. Lip Balm – Maybelline Dr. Rescue.

This cutie has SPF 25 that I think is better than my oldy-goody chapstick. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE CHAPSTICK! It has been my make-up must have since college. I needed something that not only moisturizes my lips but also guards my lips from the direct UV rays. Just like the seasons…. I change brands! Tehe!

  1. BB Cream- Shawil

Blemish Balms or BB Creams before hitting the market as a make-up product were known to help skin cancer. They are loved for their light feeling and the no-powder-needed finish. They come in different varieties and recently, mine isn’t the usual BB Cream. I chose to own a BB Cream with sun protection- and in this case, I chose the one with SPF 25 that’ll protect my skin from the direct sunlight, causing harm to my face. I loved BB Creams since they were introduced to me about a year and so ago. I hated the heavy feeling of foundation. So I tried BB Creams and fell in love with it. Concealer, Foundation, Moisturizer and sun protector all in one handy bottle? There’s so much love in here, Baby!

  1. Face Mask- I need you by Etude House

My skin, even if I’m an OSPW tends to dry depending on the weather. When it’s too cold, too hot or whenever I’m dehydrated which most likely to happen because of my… well… unhealthy routine. So I made it a habit to soak my face with some more moisture that I lost whenever I scrub. I’m just glad that despite of the growing popularity of gel and peel-off masks, face masks never go out of the trend- and I hope will not get old.

I love Etude House! Not just because they’re Korean but because… they’re Korean! We all love and envy the Korean skin, don’t we?

Etude House’s face masks come in a very cute packaging, wide variety of selection that is perfectly formulized for your skin type. Thank goodness there’s a translation on the ingredients! Hahaha! I’m such into carefully reading ingredients after I read Dr. Baumann.

And by the way girls, don’t be mistaken by the pricing. Their face masks are really budget-friendly.

  1. Scrub Massage – Sunshine in a Spoon by Etude House

I told’ya, I love Etude House! Haha! I’m addicted to scrubs. I scrub my face at least twice in a week but few months ago, I got my skin too dry it scared me. I stopped scrubbing my face with the scrubbing gloves and switched to scrub massage. This product will not dry the skin because it has moisturizer. The tiny bids work as scrub, of course and the foam as the moisturizer. It’s like taking out the dirt of your face and replacing the moisture real-time. Like real-time, you can even feel it after washing. No placebo effect, exaggerating explanations. It’s just amazing!

  1. Salicylic Acid – Avon Clear Skin Blemish Rescue

I’m a minimalist especially on make-up but I always make sure that even if I’m home, I have nothing but a moisturizer or a spot corrector on my face. Moisturizers in this kind of weather might not be a must, but hey! Be careful with the sun and the sweat, it can cause impurities.

Moisturizers had been a friend of mine for years but after I’ve experienced severe redness and acne on my right cheeks in summer 2013, I switched moisturizers with salicylic acid. I wanted to try the natural one but I’m afraid, it might burn my skin after a sun exposure. Gladly, I found Avon’s Clear Skin products and tried it. Now I’m friends with this small bottle that does wonders in minimizing the redness, the acne and the pimples.

  1. Nail Polish

Now unto every girl’s favorite: The super nail polish! My favorite summer colors are anything bright, sunny, coral and pastel. My recent favorite brand is Color Trends. Not only the colors are pretty, the names are also cool. And the price? Definitely a YES!

Whether you have your own summer favorites or not, remember the 2 summer musts: Drink lots of water and apply sunscreen! I’ve learned a lot of lessons in summer 2013, and these two never go out of the trend.

Enjoy, you little mermaid!


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