Handsome, sexy, hot, gorgeous, good-looking; we all admire them. And fangirls like me worship them 24/7. But these fangirling feels only happen for celebrities/biases. In reality, I find them intimidating when they’re around me.  I don’t know, but I guess they’re just simply eye-catchers.

So what usually happens to me when there’s a handsome guy around?


I’ve been caught red-faced a lot of times. But really, who can just ignore beauty especially when it’s right in front of you?


I tend to be quiet. I’d prefer him do the talking so I could stare at him the whole time, agreeing to his beautiful face. I also tend to stutter. Every word that I’d say sounds like a bubble popping outside my mouth-not to mention I’d mumble a lot. But what’s the worst case scenario? It’s being mentally absent!  I don’t know about you, but when a handsome guy starts talking to me or say hi or even just pass by, I’d say or do something stupid and/or embarrassing.

There was one time a handsome classmate started talking to me about our school project. Suddenly, he asked me if I love movies. I was so shock I didn’t know how to respond. In my head I was assuming he’s asking me to a movie date and then I was trying to organize a cool answer. Unfortunately, I responded with “Sounds sweet!”Darnit!

  1. I PANIC3

It’s like a fire alarm was pressed that I start to freak out. In my mind I’m having a huge debate with myself: “Should I throw myself unto him?Touch him?Or just fall unto the ground?No. Say hi!Well, respond to that question!What the heck are you waiting for?” I feel like having a nervous breakdown!

Really, I don’t know what’s with these handsome creatures that I suddenly feel stupid. It’s crazy! It’s not that I fall for them, no- not that easily. But they’re driving me literally, mentally insane.

I have a couple of good-looking guy friends and every time they’re asked about the funniest thing a girl did to them, they don’t say anything. Instead, they laugh out loud while pointing their fingers to me. Because really, before I get comfortable being around with them, I have to go through a series of embarrassing moments. I am probably the craziest girl they’ve ever met! Even until now that we’re close friends; I prefer hanging out in a group than spend some time with either of them.Also, they won’t sit in front of me because I tend to be so foolish.

Well, it doesn’t really matter whether you just waltzed into the room or sharedhundreds of secrets with me, for as long as you’re good-looking, you’re intimidating! This is why I would remind them every now and then not to be too handsome or I won’t talk to them anymore. Then they’ll make this I-woke-up-like-this face and I’d blush.

*Photo Credits: 1. Dom Capraro (www.buzztubeonline.com) 2. Jett (His facebook friend. :P) 3. Kim Woo Bin (www.dramafever.com)