The Diary of an OSPW: Fighting imperfections one at a time

Hi, my name is Kat! I’m 24. An Asian, a Filipino to be specific and well, I live in a tropical country and never been into another country (although I have plans within this year, but that’s a different story).

I’ve never been worried about my skin type until I’ve read Dr. Baumann’s The Skin Type Solution about 7 months ago. After reading the book, I jumped my butt off my bed and cleared my beauty loot and the bathroom. Apparently, I’ve been using products with ingredients that not only worsen my skin issues but also contribute new ones.

I’ve always known I have an oily skin because of my color but I didn’t know that I am also a Sensitive, Pigmented and Wrinkled type of person until I took the Skin Type Test. No matter how many times I re-took the test, I always have an OSPW result which of course made me want to deny it to myself but I won’t benefit from doing it anyway.

What made me an OSPW?

  1. I live in a tropical country which can be the main reason of most OSPWs.
  2. I’m a religious sun devotee.
  3. I’m a lazy person when it comes to beauty routines.
  4. I’ve been using the products with the wrong ingredients.
  5. It’s probably in my genes. (I am yet to convince Mom to take the test, though)

For a lazy OSPW like me who hates the sticky and heavy feeling of sunscreens and always on a tight budget can have remedies that’ll help minimize the impurities.

I am born morena (medium color) and have always been proud of it. I easily get evenly tan without trying too hard and can go back to my original color in a few days- and my friends envy me for this. I have dark spots that if not of my color would have been really obvious and I might look like a Dalmatian. I envy other Asians skin, Koreans and Japanese in particular. Because not only they have fair skin, they also have flawless skin. And although it’d be impossible for me to have the skin type like theirs (unless of course I decided for a surgery or an injection or whatchacallit which I don’t have plans to), I wanted to have a flawless looking skin like them- and it starts here.

Most OSPWs live in the tropical countries but some of them are merely just huge fans of the sun and the beach.  I may look like my age or even younger than that, but it does not keep me safe in the next few years! A lot of OSPWs developed major skin issues just because they didn’t take care of themselves. I don’t want to have a skin cancer! So I needed to take an action, probably late but at least not very late.

This series will cover the products I’ve used that helped me minimize my skin insecurities and the routines I’ve learned and came up with, tips from the book and the people I follow particularly, Michelle Phan.

The tips are not to replace any medical treatments. Consulting a dermatologist is still the best for any severe complications or even mild.

To learn more about your skin type, I really recommend reading the book: The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Leslie Baumann. You may also visit her website: or


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