Oily: “Hand me that fish and we’ll fry it on my face!”

It’s maybe a  myth, but I think due to my color it’s natural that I produce more oil than the fair-skinned people. But one is for sure; I’m a huge sun worshiper, that’s why my skin gets oilier than other people and the more I’m prone to breakouts.

Pimples aren’t my main issue. I tend to get them whenever I have my period. But I have a huge issue with my acne.

Prior to discovering my skin type, I don’t use products with sunscreen mainly because I hate the slimy feeling and I tend to get oilier. And I also believed that too much sun exposure does help me hide other imperfections like dark spots. But overall, it does no good on my skin!

Let me tell you a short story that led me to know what my skin type really is.

Summer of 2013, I took off from work and went home to my province to enjoy a month-long vacation with my family. We live in a province facing the Pacific Ocean which means, we have a lot of really good beaches. And so, because it was summer, I’ve enjoyed too much sun-baking and the salty waters which caused me sun burn and breakouts. It was the time when my right cheek has everything: too much acne, redness and the stingy feeling. It was also when my face produced more oil faster than how it normally would (normally, my face gets oily after two hours from shower, but it became oily even after a few minutes, and the oil was heavy I can really feel it without touching my face!)

Too much sun exposure is when my skin produces more oil that causes sun burn, acne and even wrinkles! Yep, too much sun exposure accelerates the aging. Well of course, for someone like me who can’t break up from the sun, it wouldn’t hurt to protect myself from these heartbreaking imperfections.

The Daily routine: I’m a night owl. I work in the evening and sleep in the morning, so my daily routine maybe different from any “normal” human being. 🙂


  1. I wash my face with a facial wash with Salicylic acid as an active ingredient. This is to prevent acne.
  2. I apply a toner with the same active ingredient. Oil and acne are also caused by the dirt we normally get outside. Washing with soap or face cleanser isn’t enough to remove excess dirt. Nope, that’s not just another line we’ve heard from a TV ad!
  3. I apply a serum with the same active ingredient (Salicylic Acid) to treat and prevent acne.


  1. I wash my face with the same facial wash I used in the morning.
  2. I apply the same toner and the same serum before I apply the rest of my makeup.
  3. I don’t use a foundation because of the heavy feeling. I use a BB Cream and recently, I started using one with SPF 15. It may sound odd that I use a product with SPF at night but I just love owning a product that goes from day to night. I usually go out of the office at ten in the morning which means that the sun is extremely smiling down the earth, so I have to re-apply my BB Cream before I go out there and enjoy the warm embrace of the my love.

The weekly routine:

It feels so good when you have a day or two at home doing nothing, having nothing on your face. I let my face breathe from certain cosmetics. I follow my daily morning routine but skip the serum part. Instead, I put on a mask. Masks are very beneficial because they provide concentrated ingredients on the face for an extended period.

I also go on a scrub massage. This is when I finish cleansing my face, skipping cleanser or toner and serum and replacing them with a delicious-smelling product before I throw on the mask. Exfoliation is the perfect term!

Products I have used and currently using:

Face Wash:

  • Eskinol Antibacterial facial wash
  • Eskinol Papaya Whitening Facial Scrub
  • Clean & Clear continuous control acne wash
  • Neutrogena Oil-free Acne wash

I’m continuously using Eskinol Antibacterial facial wash because of its active ingredient (salicylic acid) and it suits my budget. I was only able to use Neutrogena for about 2 months and then switched to Clean & Clear because I didn’t like the slimy feeling during rinse.


  • Eskinol Pimple fighting facial deep cleanser
  • Kojiesan Face Toner

I’ve sworn to Eskinol because it contains two of the ingredients perfect for my skin type: Salicylic acid and Chamomile extract.


  • Avon Clear Skin Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector
  • Etude House I need you face mask (Pomegranate, Mango, Green Tea, Bamboo, Tea Tree, Rice)
  • Etude House Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt (except Coconut which is not also good for me. I’ve tried using Bubble (Rice) but it has a stingy feeling.)

I’m still in a search for the super Retinol. I guess this is not common in the country.

Blemish Balm Cream

  • Dream Girl BB Cream
  • Shawill BB Cream with SPF 15

I just recently switched to BB Cream with SPF because it’s also already dry season in here. As for my face powder, I’m currently using Clean & Clear Oil Control pressed powder which is good for me because it has Salicylic acid.

The bad news is; there is no solution to remove the oil from the skin because we are born with natural oils that moisturize our skin. Let’s all be glad that we, oily people have this oil that automatically replaces the moisture that is washed away by scrubs, soaps and other products without trying too hard. But then again, too much is not good! So, on a regular basis (meaning, no beaches involved), aside from owning the products with the right ingredients for my skin type, I use a cute hat or umbrella, and a pretty scarf to cover my face and entire body from the direct UV rays while still enjoying the heat. I just couldn’t hate the sun no matter what!

To learn more about your skin type, I really recommend reading the book: The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Leslie Baumann. You may also visit her website: www.DrBaumann.com or www.SkinTypeSolutions.com.


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