4 u 2

Short hair, don’t care! 🙂

Yep. But it’s not just because of the hot weather that gave me an idea to cut my hair, but because I just feel like doing it. Am getting tired and frustrated with my hair so I’ve finally decided to give it a cut.

I was not comfortable of having a very short hair because I thought it’ll just highlight my face-shape. I did cut it really short before but I was clueless of how I should style it so I always end up with a bird’s nest-like hairstyle.

I was so glad that my stylist agreed with me in cutting my hair shorter than how I usually would. He’s so awesome! I had no idea as to how I want my hair will be cut- all I know is that I wanted it shorter. He also gave me tips on how to style it.

Do you like my new ‘do? Because I love it! Visit Salon 4 U at A.S Fortuna St, Mandaue City (Cebu). They’re just beside Hanabi Club. Look for Yoi. He does a lot of wonders (not to mention he knew right away that I love Japanese pop culture)! I’m so excited for getting my hair done again this month. He‘s the very first stylist to agree with me in fixing my hair by Digital Perm and I can’t help but giggle!

Happy weekend!




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