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(My) How to De-Stress

Stress: The word itself is already nerve-racking that even by thinking about it may cause panic. Thus, thinking about stress is not advisable. Where I learned this stuff? I don’t even know! Probably, the series of upsetting events have.


After watching a couple of youtube videos, reading articles about stress, looking for bloggers who talks about how to fight stress, meditate and trying out different ways; I have found my own way of distressing. And even if I am still in a great hunt for more, allow me to share some of the ways that are currently working for me.

  1. Have an instant beach in the room: I’d hang the ocean scented air freshener on the front cover of the fan so the stronger scent will be released. I’d lie on the floor with the eye mask on and tune in to Crossover (Cebu’s purely classic, smooth and jazz music station).
  2. Listen to happy tunes: I’d listen to my perk-me up artist: Round Table ft Nino. Nino’s voice is so cute and Round Table’s music is really great! Recommended songs: Bookend Bossa (I can live for a week playing only this song on loop, it’s just perfect!), Love me Baby, Memories, Himawari. In April is my favorite album, because oh well, April is my birth month.
  3. Have an online detox: Before reading Michelle Phan’s “Make Up My Life”, I’ve learned from a magazine that an online detox boosts happiness. Sometimes if not most of the times, social media can be very stressful that I just want to shut down my computer and take a long walk. I’ve committed to my social media rule in life: No facebook, twitter, youtube and even wordpress during weekdays. Heaven forbid, but I’ve had enough BS at work and I couldn’t help but blab them online which adds more frustration after (I hate you [internet] cookies forever!)
  4. Read a good book: Reading books is my easiest ticket to get away from whatever stress I have in real life. My new favorites are: Stupid is Forever by M. D. Santiago and Things We Forget by J. J. Pen. My all time-favorite that I always revisit whenever I feel like going I’m on the road to hell; The Happiness Project by G. Rubin and The Alchemist by P. Cuelho.
  5. Get a haircut and play around: My long, unruly and simply damaged hair had been a burden to me. So I’ve finally decided to chop it off and feel cute with my new short ‘do (it’s still damaged by the way). I’m always forced to style it though. But for some reasons, once it’s dried up, it styles itself. The waves are more legit! I don’t know why… Am surprised as well.
  6. Unleash the inner child in you: I bought myself a Hello Kitty backpack. I know it’s meant for school, but this bag is the answer to my demands: lots of compartments inside and out, big, multi-functional and not to mention it’s HELLO KITTY plus it fits perfectly in my locker! I carry all my stuff in here. Yep, I go to work with this bag. This is what I like about the BPO industry. Hahaha!
  7. Be Echi: I find echi-themed anime cute. Please don’t judge me! I’m watching Chobits and finishing up the last 2 episodes.
  8. Be friends with Bianca: Find a person who’s a total gay. Someone who wears a short body-con dress with a slit but doesn’t look like a be-atch. Someone who laughs out loud even at times of crisis, and someone who makes you laugh with just every word she says. Someone who finds there’s funny about everything but transforms into a sensible person when it’s about your life issues. Someone who would rather not say anything than to lie in your face while she murmurs something once you turn your back around. Someone really sweet and naughty. Someone who could erase the stress by just waving her hands at you. And if you have someone like this, name him/her Bianca! 😀
  9. Buy some flowers for yourself: Who says you have to wait for someone to buy you flowers? This might take me forever, so might as well buy myself some flowers. Hahaha! On a serious note though, I’ve learned that we find beauty in flowers so buying flowers for yourself sets free the beauty trapped behind those dark under-eye bags. I always feel grateful for Chriselle Lim’s love for flowers.
  10. Go for spring-cleaning even if it’s not spring: I always believe that re-arranging the furniture and stuff gives you a refreshing sight even if those are all the same things you own. A clean room for me means peace. I’ve recently changed the floor mat of our room and bought a picnic table set in replacement for the usual dining table that I found boring. I also placed an Apple scented air freshener in the room so that every time I enter the room, it smells refreshing.
  11. Write away the stress: Part of my online detox, I’ve been keeping my notepads, journals, diary and notebooks occupied with words of almost everything. Writing helps me a lot in releasing my feelings without any remorse or worries that someone might find it by googling. Whenever, I feel too dramatic (because am such a drama queen), I would tear the page and watch every word turn into ashes. Somehow, it works!

No matter how much I hate stress, I couldn’t help but thank goodness it exists! It makes me discover more about my self, places I haven’t been to, people I have not met and the things the world has to offer. But since we can’t definitely love stress, no matter what works for you, I hope you’re finding ways to help yourself free from it.  🙂




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