Why this type of music?


I always think I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. My love for jazz, classic, Japanese and Korean pop had made me question myself at one point.

I was raised by people who were united by music. I grew up listening to my Papa’s western rock playlist and hummed to my Mama’s  local songs (Waray-waray and Cebuano). My Grandfather on my Mother’s side used to write Waray-waray songs. Some were even released and became popular in the province. My whole 16 years at home made me realize that I was born to a family who are musically inclined.

My love for classics started when I was about eight. My first collections were from a package sent by my aunt who was then working in Singapore. She sent home these Pat Boone and other classic artists albums. Those were cassette tapes and I remember back then being curious while looking at the rack while I wonder why people are not playing the tapes. Out of curiosity, I randomly picked one tape and played. That was when I first fell in love with Letters on the Sand my birthday song, April Love.

I fell in love with jazz and chill out lounge music when I was in college. It was when I met Michelle Phan and met lots of talented artists. Sapphiresmile (youtube) was my lounge before that channel was taken down due to some copyright issues.

I got interested in Korean pop music after the Korean drama series Boys over flowers hit the country.  I was easily hooked by their melody. Japanese pop music became known to me after meeting Michelle Phan. My first artist was Round Table ft Nino. L’Arc~~en~Ciel and JRock came into the scene in 2012.

Ever since I was younger, people have been asking me “Why this type of music?” I would want to answer but for me, this question is too vague that I just can’t. There was one time that I wondered why, but I couldn’t figure out an answer so I ended up shrugging the thought off.   On the other hand, sometimes I wanted to punch people on the face when they ask me if I understand every word in the lyrics (on my obsession to KPop and JPop/Rock). I wanted to have a speech at the moment but then, how would I be able explain everything to them?

For me, Music has no boundaries. It connects people from the different sides of the world and does not need a spoken language to be understood.  A person’s love for music should be unconditional like how we should love someone. It needs no reasons. It needs to words. A person cannot be called a music lover if the love is isolated with a certain artist or genre. So going back to the question, why these  genre? I don’t know!



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