I met you on a cloudy July morning
There was nothing but curiorusity
Of the irritation I was feeling.

I’ve realize I like you on a sunny August afternoon
That smile that melted my heart
And your name unknown.

I kept on denying that I’m fallin’ for you
Until one lonely October night-
And I thought I should get to know you more.

I didn’t had the guts until February
And thank God you were so nice to me.

It’s probably being a girl
Loving every bit I know about you
And hating every single one of them.

I’ve cried for sometime nothing
But mostly because
You can’t return my love.

Two years have passed
Since I tried creating the distance from you
And every day it kills me to realize
I’ve been building bridges back to you the entire time

I am in love with the same guy
Unknown for four years
That I stop counting.



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