A Letter to Café Namoo Customers


Thank you for your endless patronage. That despite of the new themed cafes bursting around the city, you still come back to this place. A place I have loved and called friendly-neighborhood, because well… we’re just a block away from the place.

I love reading the notes left on the walls and ceiling of the café: most of them are inspiring, some are funny. However, as much as I love the place and the friendly staff, I hate to see cluttered letterings on the walls, tables and even on the pillows! I do cherish this place and I hope everyone else do too. But even if you don’t feel the same way, I hope you’ll be respectful not to leave the place with vandals everywhere.

I am not by the way getting paid for this or getting a free cup of latte. I just don’t want the place to be ruined. I want to fall in love with the place over and over as if it’s always my first to come here.

Please, let us all be responsible and respectful. It may just be one of those themed cafes- but for some people, it is a place where they reunite with loved ones or spend a quality time alone.

With hopes and love;
The Weekender Coffee Addict



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