Forget about diet, the weather is telling you it’s cheat day!

As you may not know, I’ve started sweating out and dieting about two weeks ago. It’s not that I feel like I am fat. I just want to go on a (sort of) healthy living for a good future. 😉 I’ve committed myself to a routine I designed (just so I would feel comfortable doing it everyday) on top of the hip hop aerobics VCD that I bought at the mall.

The past few days though have been quiet frustrating. But despite of the stress at work, I was able to keep the routine and my diet. Until last Saturday morning, when I felt like the cold weather was inviting me to go for swim but I cannot because I have no one to come with me because duhh, it’s cold!

So while thinking whether to go alone or scrap the thought out, I took a trip to the mall. While walking around, I’ve decided that it’s cheat day!

Okaaay… it’s probably not the weather that called me to eat like a little monster. I am used to eating at least two cups of rice every meal -and I eat rice three times a day until two weeks ago when I lessen my rice to 2 cups in a day. A baby move for a beginner like me. No matter how much I love rice, I was able to discipline myself… until that morning.

I wanted to eat California Maki at Tokyo Joe but I saw their Bento meals and ordered Chicken Terreyaki and the not-so-healthy regular coke. After a very satisfying lunch, I’ve continued reading Paulo Coelho (The Witch of Portobello) but stopped after craving for something sweet. So I strolled around the third floor of the mall and spotted Butter Bean. I got curious about their Ice Cream Sandwich and so I ordered an Almond Ice cream sandwich in chocolate cookies and a scoop of Blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Oh! It was heaven! May the diet saints forgive me, but that was a very satisfying treat I want to do again!

But of course I cannot, so I’ve punished myself to do aerobics 4 times a day and do 20~30 sit ups every other day AND- 1 cup of rice a day.

*The photo has something to do with this post but has nothing to do with the cheat day. :D


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