On Love, Dolphins and Moalboal

Recently, my travels have been too personal; not the reasons but the events themselves. I’ve been mostly traveling with friends from the office. And the experience is always different whenever I am with them.

My last week’s trip to Moalboal though, made me realize I should share the experiences to connect to the world. It was sort of a planned trip a few days before the agreed date by a bunch of people but there were only 6 of us who made it to the town.

The three-hour trip started at half past 2 in the afternoon and we arrived at the White Sand Resort in Basdaku late 5 in the afternoon after an about a 30 minute tricycle ride from Gaisano Moalboal. We didn’t make it in time to see the beautiful sunset but we didn’t mind.

We got an air conditioned room for P2,000 perfect for the six of us. The room has its own comfort room so we didn’t worry about taking late night baths or some other business. ๐Ÿ™‚ At around 6 we had an early dinner in one of the carenderia’s located just within the resort. I’m not sure about them, but I didn’t quiet enjoy the barbecue as much as I enjoyed the talk. After dinner, we went straight to the beach for a drink and a dip. We talked about love, relationship, sex and the life we all dream of: the Island life, while the cup of brandy goes around until they (because I only drank 3 shots since am no longer allowed to take too much alcohol ๐Ÿ™‚ ) finished 2 bottles. We tried finishing a few bottles of flavored beer as we dipped our naked bodies in the clear cool water. Yep, we went skinny dipping if that’s how you’ll call it.

We felt free, lighter and almost daring to walk around the beach naked- which we can if we chose to because there was only a moon and it’s halo, with no stars and a candle that litย the area. Groups of people scattered further from us, so we felt like we can do everything we want naked. But only one person really walked to the shore naked. Guess who? Am not telling, though. hahaha! That night we all agreed to go to Pescador Island for snorkeling.

So the following morning, after a really good breakfast at Arlyn’s Carenderia (one of the carenderias within the resort), we rented a boat for P2,000 to take us to Pescador Island and to the Sardines sanctuary… I wasn’t aware that Dolphin watching was part of the itinerary so I was really surprised and amazed when I saw them swimming before my eyes!

As a child, seeing a dolphin in real life is a dream and it did come true! I was too happy I forgot to take pictures or shot a video of them. But seeing them is really priceless. I even texted my siblings, my Mom and my cousins to brag about seeing them. hahaha!

The world is round! [A shot from above at Pescador Island]
The world is round! [A shot from above at Pescador Island]

We reached at Pescador Island in about 20~30 minutes. We went snorkeling and thankfully, the boatmen have their own life jackets which Bianca and I (who don’t know how to swim :P) used. Thank heavens too for a wonderful weather while we enjoyed the beauty of the ocean! We had fun being reunited with our cousins from the sea. I was really happy I almost dared to take off my life jacket and just drown to the bottom of the ocean and feel the corals on my skin… But of course, the fear for deep waters have shone more than the tough cookie’s will, so yeah… There. ๐Ÿ˜€

We’ve decided not to include the Turtle sanctuary in the itinerary because the turtles here are really shy; they’re hard to find. So we went straight to meet the Sardines and their too nice-too creepy home.

The sanctuary is literary just an inch from the resort! This is one of the diving sites of Moalboal. The Sardines looked like a mat from the boat but when I got a little closer, they formed some shapes and I remembered the movie “Finding Nemo”. It was cute in the movie, but in real life, it’s really creepy- not to mention that very deep dark blue water beneath us.

We finished off our Moalboal unplanned adventures by taking a little swim at the beach. The water isย clearer than what I’ve expected. Pretty as always! But the kids need accompany in swimming. The beach is slope (or “bakilid” in Cebuano): a few strokes from the shore you’ll reach the cliff (or”kantil” in Cebuano). And I’m talking about a too beautiful-almost-creepy-cliff edge. We’re glad we didn’t dare to swimย furtherย the night before.

I’m always glad and proud to have adventurous with these friends. And I look forward for more trips that do not only give me fun experiences but also teach me some lessons about life and love which make the whole trip even more memorable.

Hey, did I ever mention that 3 life adventures have been crossed out from my list? I thought I’ll have to wait until I reach 30 to make them happen. Next? I have to conquer the deep waters starting by taking off the effin’ life jacket! ๐Ÿ˜€

*Combining 2 authors in one lesson. (The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin) *Photos from Itiin Suson (xviiisuson)


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