Love on Top (Probably) 2

“Just as when you found the one who can crash the walls; that’s when he’s gone.”


I’ve visited Mountain View again but this time with my sisters and cousin to celebrate their birthdays  on Mom’s special day. We went there early in the morning just in time for a good exercise from the main entrance to the canteen where we booked our room. That was pretty tiring because the road although concrete, it was steep. There was no available rooms to accommodate 4 people, but we we’re lucky enough to get a room for 2. We didn’t had problems because one of my younger sisters could not stay overnight with us because of her work schedule. The bed’s size was enough for the three of us to share.

Our room has a perfect view of Cebu city, the mountains, the pine trees and the swimming pool. We got there just in time for the fog to get thick- and it was very pretty! We could hardly see the city view because of the thick fog. But the cool air and the smell of the pine trees were so lovely I was actually thinking of sleeping at the balcony. The balcony though was spacious enough for us to enjoy the view and the food.

After lunch, we’ve decided to swim in the pool. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I first knew that we had to pay for the pool entrance separately even if we have a room. Later did I realized, it was quite reasonable enough. Aside from the affordable rooms, we all know the Filipino ninja moves: 2 people to check in but 6 people to use the resort’s facilities; which business-wise is indeed unfair. On the other hand, the pool wasn’t really worthy enough. That was when I was swimming that I’ve noticed the algae on the walls of the pool. At first, I thought it was the pool’s design but when I looked a little
closer, it wasn’t! We have also observed that the staff did not change the water that night. They just removed the floating leaves the next morning and voila! The pool is open for the following day’s guests. There were a lot of guests the previous day and mostly children, so imagine those kids doing their little businesses in the pool. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that.


Going back to Sunday events; in the afternoon while my sisters were sound asleep in our room, my cousin and I went to the top part of the resort and found more breathtaking, picturesque landscapes. We also roamed around the Rope Course adventure park.
IMG_20150830_154241 IMG_20150830_154410 IMG_20150830_154624At dinner, we went to Fire Tree Nook Bar and Restaurant where we enjoyed Sinigang na Pasayan (Shrimp soup) perfect for the cold night. The night view was beautiful and lovely. There were no visible stars and the rain clouds were covering the moon. But this did not stop the moon rays from peeping through the thick dark clouds. That was really romantic I wish I have Fakundo* behind me hugging me tightly… It’s just sad that there’s a little chance for that moment to happen because well… he’s going home and probably forget about me.


Drama aside, below is the list of our expenses. Please note that rates may change without prior notice. Mountain View’s contact number is also indicated. It’s best to call them for room reservations specially during weekends and holidays. They also offer shuttle service. Please check out my older post.

Gaisano Country Mall – Mountain View (Taxi) – 200php (we had to add 40php on top of the metered rate because the place is far from the city)
Resort Entrance – 50php/person *you also have to pay for the entrance even if you’re staying overnight or with a room
Room (good for 2 people with balcony and CR) – 1,000php
Pool – 100php/person
Dinner – 500~600php (yep, very affordable and delicious too!)
Lunch-Breakfast/Groceries – 1,000php (Gaisano Country Mall) *No corkage fee
Busay – JY Mall (Jeepney) – 10php/person (from the corner entrance road to Mountain View, about 50m far)
JY Mall-Country Mall – 7php/person

If I’m going to rate this visit this time, it had to be 3.5/5 overall experience. Blame the pool! hahaha!

*Fakundo (n): a man. a boyfriend. someone special. 😉 ❤



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