To the man who’s 1,654km away from me

I don’t know when did all these feelings for you started. All I know is that suddenly I want you to be with me all the time just talking about random things.

It wasn’t love at first sight because I don’t believe in that thing. I didn’t like you at first nor did hate you. There merely was nothing. Replaying the memory of our first meeting; you seemed to be a little shy but I sensed right away the eagerness to learn.
For the first few days, I wanted time to fast-forward with you in the room. But all of a sudden I wished time would move slowly.

I got so interested in your daily habits, the things that irritate and please you; your family and everything about you.

Maybe I was day dreaming. But with the short time we shared, I felt special being around you. I don’t know- I just felt that way. Every time our eyes meet, I feel like there are words we both chose not to say.

Now that you’ve gone back home, 1,654km away, almost 6 hours travel time, although the same time zone; I don’t know where to stand. Should I tell you all of these or should I let time drag the feelings away?

I wish it never ended. I wanted you to talk to me endlessly. I wanted to look at you smiling, hear you laugh and just feel your presence. It’s selfish, I know. I like you a lot and my heart is in pain while missing you. xxx



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