An adventure down South of a seemingly broken heart


“Focus! Focus! Focus!” I repeatedly scolded myself as the bus speeds up heading South. I knew it will be a sad day for me so I wanted to go out  for some fresh air and busy my self. It was a Sunday and thank heavens the weather was great. It was just perfect for a hike to the top of a mountain.

Two weeks earlier, Clark asked me to go out with him and his friends to Osmena Peak, Cebu’s tallest mountain. Located in the town of Dalaguet, the peak stands 1,072 MASL* and is overlooking the nearer towns: Badian and Moalboal. I wasn’t looking for that kind of adventure because I have an asthma. But when I’ve learned that it’s going to be one of the saddest day of my life, I agreed to go hiking. I don’t want to be stuck in my room sobbing foolishly for his departure.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin as we ride a motorcycle going to the jump off area of the mountain. I watched as the sun rises creating silhouette views around me. This could have been romantic if he’s with me, I thought once again.

It was around seven when we got to the ground of Osmena Peak. The sun is becoming warmer and warmer so we’ve decided to hire a kid to guide us and make the hike easier.

For someone like him who’s used to outdoor activities like this, reaching the peak is effortless. I wonder if he’ll hold my hand as we trek the rocky roads of the mountain and if he’ll encourage me to be strong and continue walking. I wonder if he’ll give me a ride on his back once I get too tired.

My breathing felt bad but I know everything will be worthy once I get to the top. And I know he’ll be proud of me once I send him a photo.
But should I send one? What for? I am just a favorite teacher! Nothing more! For a while I wanted to cry.

I reached the peak without even noticing it. Looking around me, I saw an amazing, breathtaking view of the hills, the Badian Island and the glimpse of the Southern part of Cebu. The cool air blows continuously, trying to sweep off the anxiety from me.

I sat on a rock facing the Badian Island. The dark clouds seemed to move towards me and I suddenly thought about rain. “Great!” I thought. “Once you pour, my tears will do the same.” Gladly, it didn’t.

A few minutes later, we’ve decided to top off our adventure in Kawasan Falls. I didn’t know that was the actual plan when we got off the bus from Cebu. I was too busy thinking about him to hear their conversation. The one-hour ride to Badian helped me shook off the thoughts that are hindering me from enjoying my surrounding: the beautiful landscapes,
the dancing of the trees to the rhythm of the cold breeze, the warmth of the sun, the singing of the birds, and the blue skies.

We agreed to go canyoning to Kawasan Falls. It was the best thing to do: worn out yourself to forget about the drama! Thanks to cliff jumping, water fall sliding, swimming against and towards the flow of the water and the beauty of nature; for a while I forgot
my troubles and my day dreaming.

Thank you as well to Clark who invited me in. To Fabz and Mark for allowing me join the party. To Mark most specially who made this adventure possible. If this was an exam to be his girlfriend, I wonder if he’ll rate me with A++. But then again, I am merely just a favorite teacher.

(C) Mark Felix

*MASL (meter above sea level) -refers to the height of a mountain. Thanks to him, I’ve learned some outdoor words!



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