I felt compelled to post something sensible about our Southern adventure a few weeks ago because frankly, no one from our group knows how to get to the destination. Thanks to Laagan na Cebuana’s birthday post! It was our guide to reach Osmena Peak since almost a quarter of my brain is somewhere else. :))

Cebu to Osmena Peak
1. Ride a bus from Cebu to the town of Mantalungon
Bus option A:
[depart] Carbon Market (Bus schedule: 7:00am) – [arrive] Mantalongon Market
Fare: 100.00php
Travel time: 2 hours
Bus option B:
[depart] South Bus Terminal (we got on a 5am trip) – [arrive] Dalaguete town
main road (just tell the “konduktor” to drop you off for Osmena Peak)
Fare: 125.00php
Travel time: 2~3 hours

  1. Ride a motorcycle to Osmena Peak jump-off/hiker’s registration area
    From Mantalongon Market: 100.00php/person (a motorcycle can take up to 2 passengers)
    Travel time: 50 minutes to an hour (estimate)
    From the main road: 200.00php/person
    Travel time: 1~1.5 hour

1. You need to register first before trekking to the peak.
2. You can hire a kid for 50.00php but it’s optional. If you’re too bad-ass, you can go all by yourself. Nah! Actually, the road going to the peak is manageable. But if you want a safer trek, go on and hire a kid. Plus, you’re also helping these kids help their families. They’re also helpful in encouraging you to continue walking because everything is worthy once you get there. They’ll also tell you some interesting facts about the farmland around the mountain and the names of the rocks (yep, there’s an
Adidas rock!) AND believe it or not, they also have the skills in taking really good pictures! Here’s an example of our young tour guide’s shot. Her name is Jean (at least it sounds like her name is spelled like that. haha!)

(C) Mark Felix
(C) Mark Felix
  1. Hike/Trek level: Easy to relatively easy (no kidding!)
  2. There is a site for campers. Just be responsible with your own garbage. Although there are local folks who keep the cleanliness of the place, let’s help them and pay respect as well. Beauty is for free, let’s not ruin it, okay? Great! 🙂
  3. Wear a comfortable OOTD. Don’t wear ballet flats, high heels or sandals! It’s rocky going to the top and you want to feel comfortable. Besides, have pity on your feet, girl! No skirts or dresses too, puhlease! Have mercy! (am just overreacting but srsly, wear an appropriate outdoor-worthy outfit).
  4. Bring lots’a water specially if you’re hiking mid-morning and it’s scorching hot.
  5. Go there on weekdays when there are no photo bombers! hahaha! But really, if you’re the type of person who wants to own the entire world, I would say go there on a Monday; surely,Osmena Peak is yours! During weekends specially Sundays, it tends to be crowded.
  6. Don’t be too busy taking too many pictures. Enjoy the scenery, dear! Make the most out of the moment. It’s not everyday that you get to see such beauty.
  7. Bring extra clothes even if you don’t have plans of camping because chances are, you’ll later decide to continue your adventure to Kawasan Falls! (Sigh, I wish I knew. :D)

Osmena Peak – Kawasan Falls
1. Ride a motorcycle to Badian.
You can negotiate with the motorcycle driver about the O’Peak and Kawasan itenirary. We were able to negotiate for 500.00php per person for this entire itinerary. Don’t negotiate too much. It’s really far and they’ll wait for you down the mountain. So it’s still reasonable. Travel Time: 2-3 hours.
2. Kawasan Falls drop off area (Church about 1KM from Kawasan Falls)
Entrance Fee: 50.00php per person

1. If you wish to go for canyoning, there are small agencies around town that offers the adventure. We got a reasonable price of 800.00php per person. Original price is  1,000.00php but our dear Mark is really good in negotiating. Gears, a tour guide, transportation from the starting point point and entrance fees are also covered by the agency.
2. For canyoning, I suggest you wear leggings instead of shorts, joggers or bikini. I was wearing shorts  and was fine moving around but I had a lot of scratches and bruises from sliding, jumping and trekking on a muddy and grassy place.
3. Bring water because surely, you’ll be thirsty even if there’s a lot of water! A dry bag is also provided for your convenience which can be carried by the tour guide for you.
4. The tour guide is also helpful in taking pictures and videos of you and your team!
5. No water? No food? No worries! There are folks who sells food and drinks at the final cliff. Again, just be responsible with the garbage. 😉 I care for nature! I can be Ms. Earth! haha! [Kidding aside]
6. If you want to take more pictures without photo bombers, take this adventure on a weekday. Also, we had to wait for minutes before we can jump off the cliff because there were crowds.

Above all, enjoy, have fun and share to the world how beautiful Cebu is.

Have a great week ahead, loves!