4 BPO wardrobe staples that normal people need to understand

The growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines is unstoppable! But despite of this growth, there still are some things that Filipinos and other non-BPO people need to understand and know about the people in the BPO industry. One of which is about “fashion” or the sense of style of these folks that somehow, sets apart from any other industry in the country.

1. Jackets and Coats


Normal people would roll their eyeballs 360 degrees whenever they see someone wearing a jacket or a coat even if Philippines doesn’t have a winter season or under the scorching heat of the sun. Well, I know 2 main reasons BPO folks wear them: 1. The temperature in the office can drop up to 13 degree Celsius. Yes. 13 freakin’ degree Celsius! Piling up clothes may help but jackets and coats keep us warm and from getting colds. And 2. It’s as cold as North Pole in the office but outside is scorchingly hot! Not only too much sun exposure can burn our precious skin, it can also be harmful to our health. Have you heard about “pasmu” in bisaya? Here: Sudden change from hot to cold can harm health. These closet staples keep our bodies from too much cold and too much heat.

2. Scarf


Scarves are ‘in’ no matter what season it is. Just like jackets and coats, scarves can go from hot to cold weather. Not only it dresses up a boring outfit, it can also be a multi-purpose accessory. That is why this babe is the favorite of BPO Queen Bees.

3. High Heels


So you think high heels can only be worn by business women, fashion elites, supermodels and celebrities? Well, in the BPO industry, fashion is a serious business. There’s something with that 6 inches pumps that can step into stress and kills it!

4. Sunnies/Shades


Normal people would not understand why BPO folks have to wear sunnies or shades even early in the morning or even if there is no sunlight. People would think sarcastically: “where’s the sun?” Let me tell you again; work is really stressful not to mention they work at night and just like any other human being, they too get dark under eye circles and some luggage! Sunnies are there to hide these sometimes embrassing “investments”. Also, our eyes are sensetive to light specially that our work evolves around facing the computer screens 7.5 hours a day per week. Our eyes tend to adjust from brightness. Switching from a 90% brightness of the screen to a 100% morning day light hurts, you know! xxx



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