Stay High: 5 habits that help me forget I miss you

To be honest, missing someone and denying it but crying over it is insane! I always find it funny how missing someone can drive me crazy. And lately, I’ve realized I needed some habits to overcome this frustrating part of the infatuation disease.

  1. Reading books

Staying in my play pretend
Where the fun ain’t got no end

Books can take a person to another dimension and forget about the real world for a while. When I’m reading a good book, part of me is somewhere in the pages of my current reading. There are times though, that he will appear in one of the pages for some unknown reasons but I’ll blow him off the page and focus on the actual characters.

  1. Going offline

Can’t go home alone again
Need someone to numb the pain

According to one of the articles from “When you’re in love, go offline”. True! Social media is a platform where everyone can share everything. I’ve tried not using my facebook for a while but then there’s twitter and wordpress where I can post all my “feels”. Well, sad to say, I’m not good on this one. But I’ve been curbing my pulses to post something about him all the time. Whenever I feel like posting a status on facebook about my ‘feels’, I just get my journal and write it there instead. Keeping a journal or a diary is really helpful!

  1. Wearing a bold lipstick

And I drank up all my money
Dazed and kinda lonely

I’m not really used to wearing a bold lip color or too much make up because I’m afraid I’ll look more intimidating. But to forget about the girl who’s head over heels with a guy, I’ll swipe on some lipstick and stroll around the mall. There’s something with make up that hides imperfections, masks someone’s real feelings and transforms reality into fiction.

  1. Breaking some bones

You’re gone and I gotta stay
High all the time
To keep you off my mind

Alright, it’s frustrating that no matter how hard I try to forget that I miss him, there are always those times that I remember him. So whenever I feel like the aggravation is about to start, I turn on my playlist and dance my heart out until I am already out of breath. Every movement of my body breaks the chain of thoughts about him and it feels good.

  1. Making my self believe I don’t miss him until I get tired of doing it.

Gotta stay high all my life
To forget I’m missing you

Before I go to bed, start my day or just to bring my self back to reality, I tell myself: “I don’t miss you!” over and over again until I get tired of saying it. Somehow, by doing this I am making my self believe that I will soon get tired of missing him.

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