4 Things I have learned from some unrequited “teenage” loves

Do you feel unlove by someone you love? That’s okay, we’re on the same boat! It’s alright if we are not loved by the person we are hoping to love us. It’s part of our journey in finding true love. Hop in! Let’s talk for a while and let me share you some things I have learned from the so-called one-way love.

1. Sweetness is “Thank you”- not “I love you too”!


Boys are boys; they know how to appreciate special things done and given to them. When somebody likes them, they feel good and it boosts their self-esteem. They become very friendly and some will treat you nicely because it’s their only way to tell you how grateful they are for that feelings you have. They tend to be very sweet that we, girls sometimes mistaken as something more than what is seen. If he knows you like him and he tries to be really close to you, DO NOT assume. Boys don’t sugar coat and hit around the bush. If he finds you attractive or interesting, he’ll let you know. If he treats you like a close friend (e.g. chats with you whenever he sees you, looks directly in your eyes when you talk [because he’s paying attention, you know!]), he’s merely just being a gentleman and a kind friend. So you can now push those sweet things to the lower level. That’s it! Push it harder. Lookin’ great!

2. It’s cute when you’re jealous but annoying when you’re overreacting!


Ok. Please excuse the hot, dear Nick J.

So eventually, they find it cute when the girl who likes them are jealous. Because… we’re simply just cute when we’re jealous! But another thing I have learned is not to exaggerate things. So, he’s talking to another girl (who’s prettier and/or smarter than you), now what? Don’t bombard him with too many questions as if you’re an FBI agent trying to solve a murder case. Read #1 again. Even if there’s something special going on around, it’s not always right to investigate. A few questions would do for you to conclude your hypothesis. You still want him to talk to you or to smile at you. And you definitely don’t want to hear a line that says: “You’re not even my girlfriend!” Because even if it’s true, it hurts!

  1. Just tell me. You’re fine!

Boys don’t like being puzzled. If you like them, show them. Well, you don’t really have to confess or go all-out if that’s not your forte. But they don’t like solving girls mystery plays. These days, they’re more than okay about girls confessing to them. It’s an old fashioned way to take that as a “first move” because it’s not always like that. Most of the times, we just want to feel better or unload the heaviness so we confess to them. And they know that. Even if your confession makes them feel good about themselves, NEVER expect so much from them. If they didn’t respond, that doesn’t mean they found you too impulsive or too flirty. Sometimes, specially if they’re not used to it, it leaves them speechless. Give him some time to organize his thoughts or to gain his consciousness back. A guy was once dumb founded and didn’t know what else to do so he just walked away. I almost collapsed but he later explained to me why he left without a word. Also, when you start with: “I have something to tell you.” or “Is it okay if I tell you…”; he would like to hear a complete sentence with a subject and a predicate. Don’t leave fragment sentences. Finish it! Don’t be scared. Don’t be embarrassed. It will melt their hearts even if they’re actually eyeing on another girl.

4. I don’t like you. BUT hey! That doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful, because YOU ARE!


You got friend-zoned? Seen-zoned? Honey, that’s totally fine! No need to feel sorry for yourself or be Bitterella. People have their own preferences. Maybe you’re not his type. Maybe he’s heart is already taken (because being single doesn’t mean you’re not emotionally taken). Maybe he’s… a gay? There are tons of maybe’s and that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. Rejected? Scrap that! You are not rejected, you are appreciated. It’s just that he just want to be friends, and that’s just cool! At least he didn’t run like a scared cat when he knew you fell for him! So what, if you got friendzoned? It will not stop you from trying to find love nor it should stop you from loving yourself.



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