Top 4 #LArcMNL moments during the LArCASINO Live Viewing

Because we were in a state of euphoria we couldn’t help our emotions. Here are the favorite moments that those who were not able to see the live viewing missed. hahaha!

1. The 4D Banana effect (Courtesy of Orange)
I thought she was just joking when she said she has bananas for a real-live feeling when tetchan starts throwing bananas. But when she took the bananas out from her bag, I was really surprised. During tetchan’s banana giveaway, the bananas flew from the screen to the seats at the back! That was fun!

2. Freebies and Treats from fellow fans
Yep, there were freebies and treats given away by fellow fans. They’re so sweet!
The hyde stickers courtesy of Eva. Marshmallows and Lollipops courtesy of Orange. Thank you, pretty girls!  And of course the “Ready, Steady, Glow” sticks from the Philippine Street Team.

3. The side comments during and after the show
From the possible scenarios about the under-dressed Leader-san, to yukihiro’s “I’m the boss” car moment, to hyde’s bird and tricks, up to a possible reason of having the car as one of the props; these and more are heard during the show and seen on the LArcMNL group’s discussion thread. Mostly are hilarious comments, some are quiet serious and some are simply just echii! hahaha! Want to learn more about it? Join the #LArcMNL group on facebook.

4. Live moments
We could not control our feelings. We screamed, danced and sing like we’re at the actual live concert! You can also see some photos at https://www.facebook.com/LArc.Pilipinas and https://www.facebook.com/Otakultura/ .

Thank you to fellow Filipino Cielers who joined us last October 24. Thank you of course to the people who made this live viewing possible: Live Viewing Japan, Cosplay PH and SM Cinema. And most specially, thank you L’Arc~en~Ciel for including Philippines on this live viewing. We really are looking forward to seeing you live in the country.

Do you have LArCASINO live viewing top favorite moments? I would love to read them!


*Featured Image: Otakultura


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