Anong nangyari sa inyo, Poy?: “A Second Chance” release date announced

I want to stop wondering “what if” I want to know “what is”.-Basha

The most beloved and missed love team is back for the sequel of the movie: One More Chance which was the highest grossing film in 2007. Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz are together again as Basha and Popoy: the lovers who showed us the difference of movies and real-life love story; who taught us a lot of one liner feels; and who left us guessing what happens next- not to mention Maja Salvador’s acting skills here was really a bomb too!

Well, as for the ‘WTF-what-just-happened’ ending of One More Chance, this sequel to be shown nationwide in November 25, will answer just that question– plus more! The film follows the story of Popoy and Basha’s marriage which as we can see in the trailer shows as the reality of marriage and second chances.The release of the film is just perfect to cover the mistress trend of the Philippine cinema – I’ve nothing against the theme, though.

The last time I’ve seen Bea and Lloydie was in the movie “The Mistress” in 2012. Where Bea’s role is very far different from her usual leading lady roles. And I loved them both in that movie. The ending was also kind of One More Chance (they didn’t end up together because hey, that’s reality!)

The fans are probably expecting so much from this movie specially that the first part was really good and it left a mark in the Philippine film history. As for me though, I trust these two great actors and I believe in Direk Cathy’s powers. However, I’m looking forward for more hugot lines and one liner feels that goes straight to the nerves of the heart. 🙂


*Featured image fromentertainment.abs-cbn.com



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