OSPW Diary Update: Endless Battles + New Gears

I’ve been doing the same routine with additional products (and a few changes too) for quite a while now. Controlling oil for an OSPW like me is a lifetime battle, so far, I’m happy with the results.

So here’s an update about my endless battle for a healthy and glowing skin. Remember, the most effective brands are the ones that contain the right ingredients for your skin type. Also, I have recently observed; even if my sister and I have the same skin type, there are products that don’t work on her  but do wonders on my skin and vice versa. It is always good to test the product first with a small amount and observe it for a few days. If in doubt, go ahead and see a dermatologist. It’s always the best solution. As for me, I prefer experimenting because am always on a tight budget. I just make sure to avoid certain ingredients that are not good for my skin type. If you’re new to this series, check out the related articles.

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Morning Ritual:




* most recent

1.       I wash my face with a face soap starting from the inner part of my face working my out to my hair line- where sweat mostly starts and down to my neck in a circular motion. Eskinol Anti-bacterial Face Wash
Ponds Acne-clear White
Fun-G Natural Skin Care Soap*
2.       Using a cotton pad, I pat on a face toner with Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree extract- focusing on the oily and blemish prone areas. I let my skin absorb the product by waiting 20 seconds before I head unto the next step.

Naruko Face Toner with Tea Tree extract*


3.       Using clean cotton, I massage a face lotion of the same brand as the face toner with the same active ingredients specially formulated for oily and blemish prone skin. Again, I wait for 20 seconds for my skin to absorb the product. I’ve learned this trick from Michelle Phan and have heard this before from my sister. The product is more effective if you let your face absorb it before applying another product on.

Naruko Face Lotion with Tea Tree extract*

4.       If pimples are present, I dab a small amount of pimple corrector with Salicylic Acid on the affected area to help reduce the size and the redness.

Avon Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector


5.       With a grail-sized amount of eye cream and a clean ring finger, I apply it under my eyes starting from the inner corner (near the tear duck) to the outer area of the eyes where smile lines are more visible. I use my ring finger in applying anything under my eyes because it’s the most comfortable finger to use where grip is easier especially for sensitive parts of the face like our eyes. Quick FX Eyelift Cream*
Active Ingredients: Niacinamide and Ellagic Acid
6.       I let both the eye cream and the spot corrector set to dry for 10 seconds before I apply the rest of my makeup starting with my best friend: the BB Cream.

*In between these few seconds of waits, you can do other things like; prepare your clothes, apply lotion to your body, and other preparations for the day. Multitask is the perfect term. 😉

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Night Ritual:




* most recent
1.       I wash off the dirt from my face with the same face wash with a face towel to help me scrub the day’s dirt out. Eskinol Anti-bacterial Face Wash
Ponds Acne-clear White
Fun-G Natural Skin Care Soap*
2.       While cleaning the rest of my body, I cover my face with tea leaves to treat it with some anti-oxidants.

[Side note] I use the used tea bags from the previous night’s tea session.

Lipton Green and Mint Tea
Rabea Tea*


3.       I clean out the excess dirt on my face with a liquid face cleanser. And wait for 30 seconds before the next product.

Eskinol Anti-bacterial Face cleanser


4.       I sometimes skip the toner at night and just apply the face lotion, spot corrector (for pimples) and the eye cream as the last step. I wait for these products to dry before I dive into the bed.

Naruko Face Lotion with Tea Tree extract
Avon Blemish Rescue Instant Spot Corrector
|Quick FX Eyelift Cream

On weekends, I replace the tea leaves with a face mask and do the rest of the ritual cleansing the face beforehand, of course. Here’s how the weekend ritual at night looks like:





1.       Wash off the dirt from my face with the same face wash and a face towel.
2.       With clean cotton, I clean out the excess dirt with a liquid face cleanser and wait for 20 seconds before putting on the mask.
3.       Put on or apply the face mask for 10~15 minutes.

Etude House face masks
Purederm Green tea wash-off massage mask*

4.       Do the rest of the night ritual starting with a face lotion and ending it with an eye cream and the spot corrector if necessary.

I’m currently using a wash-off face mask with olive oil and green tea extracts. One thing that I have to say as of the moment: I can save more (money) with this type of mask. A sachet is good for 3~5 uses unlike the traditional mask. The outcome may differ from each other, but let me observe this one for a while.

I also have a few changes on my makeup kit. I’ve changed from the compact powder to a loose powder. The ingredients aren’t as complicated as the compact powder I used before but it keeps the oiliness longer than the compact powder. I would also love to talk about Naruko next time. This brand was introduced to me by a Taiwanese friend. Some people say that the product is complicated because of its complex ingredients. Well, my first reaction while reading the ingredients was simply “Woah!” The awesomeness of the ingredients has amazed me and I’m lovin’ this brand now. If you haven’t heard about Naruko before, check out their site. It’s a actually a popular beauty brand.

Catch yah next time! 😉




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