I am passionate in everything that I do. I always make sure to put my best foot forward with an enough supply of confidence in all the decisions that I make. However, as known to men; sometimes, I question my decisions, lose hope and doubt my gifts. I would stand in a corner looking at things, wondering what to do next.  But all of these are inevitable challenges that make me a human and turn me into a better version of myself.

God never allows us to take a risk without knowing how our hearts would take it. And I always have faith in Him. I don’t close my eyes and just do things anyway. I put my full trust to the Lord as I leap.

It’s not going to be an easy journey- it never will be. But every step is a lesson I must learn; every stone is a treasure I must discover. For I believe that the easier the adventure is the fewer lessons and treasures to uncover.

I put my heart and soul in everything I do because challenges, sudden changes and the never ending flow of ideas will lead me to where I should be:a place where God had exclusively reserved for me. Yet despite all these, I don’t expect my cup to be full. I have learned that in everything that we do, remember to pour more but expect less. Enjoy every drop of happiness that over flows from your glass without even realizing how many glasses you have already filled.


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