6 Types of the Male species that I am swooning over now

Although intelligent men who can discuss with me about politics, the different cultures, history and religion are sexy, they’re actually the type of men who only goes to my “buddy” list.

Music lovers and movie junkies are also attractive, but if you fall into any of the types below; dude, you might wanna think about it. I’m free on weekends! 😉

  1. The Nerd – Nerds are sexy! Plus, I would not have to be conscious about my inner nerdy. Nerdy stuffs are interesting, you know. 🙂
  2. The Traveller– Travellers, based on my experience (just travel experience because I’m a NBSB), are strong willed and independent. They are open-minded and know a lot of cultures. Spending a night walking on the beach, talking about travel experiences and memories is my kind of dream date.
  3. The Otaku– I have this crazy-maybe-little thing about the Japanese pop culture and even if I am not really an anime otaku, I am into otaku and Japanese enthusiasts. I love geeking out about Japan, their culture and traditions. I’d also like to know more about their geography and history. Hmm… maybe this is Japanese- not just an enthusiast. Hahaha!
  4. The Programmer-I’m a Computer Science major and although my work is not really in that field, I have this ‘thing’ for Software Engineers and IT Specialists. I like it when we talk about the crazy binary algorithm, the different programming languages, the innovative technology and his work. I like it when I get a peek into his work life. It’s like looking at something that I could have done but am glad I didn’t- somehow.  Haha!
  5. The Disney-Pixar fan– I’m a huge fan of children animations particularly, Pixars. So if a dude can talk to me for hours about Wall E, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, or Monsters U- it makes me feel so comfortable around him and it’s like concluding his inner child and his little joys… not to mention the ringing of the bells and singing of the choir in the background.
  6. The Daddy Figure– Whenever I see a macho, good looking guy with a kid, I feel like throwing myself on him. Some people may think this is weird. But yes, I am attracted to Daddy-figure dudes. It shows how responsible and loving father they can be. Not that I have this “thing” for Daddies. But whenever I see my crush playing with kids, I feel like starting a family with him right away.


*Featured Image: http://www.shutterstock.com/


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