8 Little things on guys and my instant travel to dreamland

Warning:This post contains a little bit of (sexual)fantasizing. Not recommended for the conservatives, religious and minors.

  1. The Mane thing
    “I wonder how it’d feel running my fingers through that luscious, soft hair. “
    “Is it okay to pull it while we make out?”
  2. The glasses
    “I used to dream about Superman, is it becoming a reality now? May I take a look at what’s inside that coat?”
  3. The Clothes
    “You know you look casually stylish with that white shirt and a pair of jeans and sneaks. Take my hand and let’s have stroll at the park.”

    “Oh! You’reso heavenly gorgeous and sexy in that suit! I wonder how it’d be like taking them off slowly.”

    “Why Koreans are simply casually stylish even if they wear almost the same clothes as any other Koreans? Dammit! Let’s take them off!”

  4. The height
    “170 cm? How tall is that? 6 feet maybe? I don’t know how to convert cm to ft, but who cares?You’re very tall! I like being tiny around you. Oh no, not the sister kind of tiny. I wonder how it’d be like being dining-table pressed or maybe kitchen-sink pressed or how you’d look like holding me up against the wall. Ugh!”
  5. The broad shoulders
    “My! Whata sight! Are you gymming?Is the broadness of those shoulders normal? Wow! I’d love to sit on them. May I?”
  6. The eyes
    “Please, don’t give me that ‘I-just-woke-up’ look! No. Not those ‘I’m-tired-comfort-me’ look, either. Ahhhh! Please not those ‘take-your-clothes-off’ look! I don’t want to sleep with you. Nope. Not a chance. Now come on, let me sing you a lullaby!”
  7. The hands
    “I would love it if you put that carefully on my back or softly lock it with my hand.”

    “Dammit! I wonder, oh, I painfully wonder how those long fingers would feel like on my skin!”

  8. The voice
    “Please, don’t let me hear your sexy voice saying good morning. Hey, did you just say good morning!? Thanks for reminding me. I thought it’s already nightfall. Why am I hearing saxophones in the background? Do you like jazz? Oh, you’re not hearing anything? Hmmm… can you say good morning again? With my name on it? Say my name slowly. Ahhh… great! I wonder how you would sound like while making out with me. I wonder how your orgasm voice sounds like.  Can I hear an example?”


Featured Image: petergubernat.com



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