Top 4 Awesome Instagram Profiles worth the “hearts”

If you’re a photography enthusiast, a photographer, or simply someone who just love to see amazing pictures, here are my top picks from instagram:


  1. Tokyo Camera Style


The film camera heaven! This instagram account not only makes me jealous about the film cameras that people own but also introduces me to some more film photographers in Japan. Well, I’m recently head over heels with film photography. The next person is the main reason. Haha!

  1. The Caffeinated

I am a huge fan of Joy ever since I first saw her pictures on facebook. Yep, am friends with her on facebook. She’s the reason I went back to taking pictures of almost everything (which I wasn’t doing anymore since Junior college). She’s also the main reason I got so interested with film photography. I bet, her Wayward post cards are really worth the get… which reminds me I haven’t gotten myself any copies of it yet.

  1. Jayson Frame


Here’s another facebook friend who’s got the real talents. He draws, sings, dances and takes his snap shots to the next level. Need I say more? Go on and check his artworks. You know… I’ve got a lot of awesome friends on facebook. Hahaha!


  1. Tricia Gosingtian

This blogger is someone I look up to. From her fashion taste to her cool cameras; Tricia isn’t just a fashion blogger but she’s also a photographer and a sophisti-cute ambassador. Her in 3 words: My, Dream, Self. That’s it!

If you have an awesome profile or know someone, I’d love to meet them and you too. I am also keeping an instagram profile but the “awesomeness” is something that I’m still struggling for until now. Hahaha!

~ @katacheme



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