11 Life lessons I’ve learned from Wayne (because we need a nerd in our lives)

Tall, skinny, nerdy, and apathetic: surely, all of these aren’t the adjectives we’re looking for in our boys- be it a friend, a brother or a lover. But why is this guy (who by the way I secretly compare to an electric post) interesting?


It’s his perception in life and the list below is what makes him the boy we would be glad to meet:

  1. We don’t need to explain ourselves to other people to be understood and be accepted.
  2. A monotonous voice doesn’t mean the person is bored or being sarcastic.
  3. A pair of oversized glasses can make you look adorkable (an adorable dork).
  4. A shy person can also be a clown in a crowd.
  5. Overthinking only invites negative thoughts. Thus, we always end up not doing what our hearts desire.

  6. Being well-mannered is attractive.
  7. There are good things in every bad situation.
  8. You don’t need a talent in dancing to enjoy life; you just have to be interested in it.
  9. Even a shy guy doesn’t like clingy girls. Everyone needs a break!
  10. Explore the outsides of your comfort zone.
  11. You don’t need to understand other people; you just need to respect them.



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