HEADLINER: Pop idol went wild last Sinulog festival

CEBU, PH—Filipino Japanese Pop idol, Katherine was seen partying with friends at Century Plaza Hotel in Mango Avenue last Sinulog festival, January 17.

According to the fans who met her at the party, she cheerfully greeted them and showed them her ordinary side. However, some reports said that the idol went a little wild as the night falls. On her instagram, Katherine posted a photo of herself with friends wearing a ripped shirt and paint all over her. The post was captioned: “It was a crazy night!” Moreover, the idol also posted a video of her and her friends partying.

Vamprose International cleared the issue stating that they made sure the idol won’t go overboard. The management made sure body guards are with her for her security and to guarantee she won’t do anything against their policies.

Sinulog festival is celebrated annually every third Sunday of January. Cebu is known for its laid back lifestyle and beautiful beaches. It is also known for the Whale Shark which has become one of the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Katherine stayed in Cebu for over two years before she moved to Japan and entered the entertainment industry. Her new single entitled: “Moving Backwards” is now available in the country. Rumors have also spread about her first movie with the Japanese actor Satoh Takeru who played Kenshin in the movie adaptation of the anime series: Rorouni Kenshin.


*This is a work of fiction in response to DailyPost. Because I don’t know how my Sinulog 2016 experience will be written in the newspaper with just me being an ordinary person… So, allow me to daydream a little. LOL!

*Featured image from my good friend, Margic. 🙂


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