The (un)popular choices

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These days, Korean Pop is very trendy in the country. It all started with Korean drama and then Korean music and the rest followed. Japanese Pop seemed to have also envisioned the country with anime. And once, I was asked to pick between the two pop cultures. Will it surprise you if I didn’t pick one? Both are honestly good and influential in many ways. But when I have to say my favorites, people seem not to recognize my choices.

Once a Korean friend asked me about my favorite KPop artist. I told him I love Humming Urban Stereo.  It was the first time he’s heard the name. In fact, he asked me if there is a Korean name. Unfortunately, HUS doesn’t have any Korean name aside from the main artist behind it (Lee Jeereen).

Lee Min Ho seemed to be very popular, so when I was asked who my favorite Korean actor is, I said Ryu Deok Hwan (who also acted alongside Lee during the drama Faith). He’s a good actor and I must say; I prefer his acting skills than Lee. But no one from my Korean friends knew him until I let them google him.

On the other hand, Japanese Rock music seemed to boom in the country because of anime and live action movies. When I was talking with my Japanese friend about music, I mentioned L’Arc~en~Ciel to her, but she didn’t seem to recognize the name. She was only able to recognize the artist when I mentioned Hyde and Vamps to her. It doesn’t surprise me though. L’Arc has been a long time JRock band and are more popular outside Japan. The same thing happened when I mentioned about Round Table featuring Nino. My Japanese friends didn’t recognize the artists until I sang the opening song of Chobits. Well, the band hasn’t been active since 2008 and the fans don’t know where they are now.

When it comes to fashion, I don’t really follow the trend. When I buy clothes, I make sure to use the item differently or I find something that’s more unpopular. The more popular the piece is, the more common it is. And I’ve always wanted to dress up differently from other girls. That’s why, I love Harajuku fashion because it’s more uncommon in the country.

Dark lipsticks are making their own trend lately, but I still prefer the Nikki Minaj pink lippy or the pale colors. The trendy trends never seem to stay longer than they should. Fashion, Music, Beauty, Books and a lot of things; every year they change. However, as for me, I stick to my favorites. I may meet new artists, things and so on and so forth, but I still stick to my favorites and what’s not in. Because being different feels great! Hahaha!




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