The birth of (Random) Venus

The DailyPost

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a small town. She dreams to inspire the world with words. She loves to write poems and stories on her small notebook. Her school books were filled with phrases, short stories and words that were not related to the lessons in class.

She have read lots of books hoping she’d learn how to write a book and tell a lot of stories someday. Aside from writing, she’s very active in school. She joins dance groups because she loves the stage. Her other secret dream is to become a stage performer. But despite of how much she enjoys the stage, the joy of writing gives her a different feeling.

Growing up in a small town where she can only see the world on a small television screen without the internet, she filled her notebooks with stories. There were sad and happy stories. There were almost done, almost finished and never written stories.

During senior high school, she wrote a declamation piece for her friend. That piece won in a campus competition. And although no one knows that she wrote that piece, hearing her teachers and classmates compliments about the piece had given her pride. Her first declamation piece. Her first winning piece. Her first success! The feeling was indescribable. That day, she traveled far from her hometown. She saw her future: her first book, the awards, book signings, travels around the world to meet readers, magazine covers, TV appearances. She will be famous! People will love her work and would envy her gift. Her family will be the proudest. And she will be able to solve the problem of the universe. World peace is possible! She can!

But those things are too impossible. How a can a girl from a small town become a huge literary success? Aside from her diaries and letters to crushes, no one seem to recognize her love for writing. Not even her own family. When she was asked what she wanted to study in college, she couldn’t decide. Her mother wanted her to become a nurse. She was torn between her dreams and her family’s. But in the end, she chose a practical option: Computer Science. For a while, she forgot about her real dream. She started to be interested into technology, make up and fashion. When she first encountered Friendster, she didn’t know how to fill in her profile.

A certain school project has led her to google blogger. There she saw thousands of writers and many different stories. And since then, she couldn’t stop writing.


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