ROMANCING LUZON: The Baguio stroll stories P-II


Baguio Historical Core, Camp John Hay

As she sat at the picnic table surrounded with Pine trees, she smelled and savored the fresh cool air. The weather is not too cold, not too warm and she thought maybe this is how Spring in other countries feels like.

She just wanted to sit there, feeling the chilly air, the warmth of the morning sun, hearing happy human voices from afar, the singing of the birds, the sound of the branches swinging to the rhythm of the air. She doesn’t want this moment to end. She just wants to be alone with nature, get closer to it and fall in love with it each passing second. She decided she’s not here to roam around the city, to visit the popular places. She’s here to reconnect with herself, with her soul that has been lost for the longest time. To be closer to the Earth and hear what it says.

She’s not lonely. She’s not happy. She’s torn between her past and what is current. She’s not sure how to position herself in the situation she’s in. She doesn’t know whether to continue unfinished things or to start a new one.  She wants to be a blank piece of paper waiting for someone to write something. Something that would fill her and make her decide from there. At the same time, she wishes to be a seed waiting for water; waiting patiently for the sunrise, waiting and wishing for time to slow down, praying that her soul will stay inside the earth until she’s ready to face the skies.

She’s undecided. But deep down inside her she wants to retrace history.



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