ROMANCING LUZON: The Baguio stroll stories P-I


Choco-Late de Batirol,  Camp John Hay

She was greeted by the staff member with a warm smile. Eyeing for a good spot to read Dan Brown, she scanned the place with so much appreciation. It reminds her of her grandparents’ backyard. She strode to the far end of the restaurant and found a table.  It could possibly accommodate ten people but despite of being alone, she chose it caring less if there’s a family that would probably need the table.

Sitting at her table waiting for her food to be served, she decided to read the book. Her stomach was growling but she didn’t care because the pages seem to fill her brain and imagination. The story gets more enticing as the words pass. Admiring Dan Brown’s style she thought maybe she should really start finishing her stories. Every novel she had attempted writing didn’t reach its ending. She always looses the idea when she’s getting near the end of the story. Probably because she hates “the ends”. Or maybe because she’s not that good enough to finish an entire story that could change a person’s life.  Not yet good enough. She encouraged herself.

Twenty minutes later, her hot choco is served. It smelled really good that it brought her back home in an instant. The thickness of the drink, its sweetness and the bitterness of the cocoa reminded her of great grandmother whose Champorado and Tsokolate are irreplaceable. The ambience of the place makes her miss home even more. It’s been three good and bad years since she last visited her hometown in the far eastern part of the Philippines.

She was in a deep reminisce when a cat called her out to reality. She tried to offer the cat her food but it refused. She patted the space beside her and the cat jumped unto it. Stroking its furry body, the animal walked towards her and lay on her lap. She suddenly missed her pet Penelope; a cat she saw in the street on her way home when she was still in high school.

With the furry creature sleeping on her lap, she felt her heart tickled when she saw it smiled. Oh, the joy of making someone happy! She loved cats and dogs. She had a lot of them when she was younger but her asthma had prevented her from keeping pets at home.

Good! She thought. Now you’re thinking about home. That’s a first! Why again she’s here in Baguio? Surely, she didn’t travel for five hours just to miss home. Because if that is so, then she could have just hopped into the bus that’s heading to Tacloban and finish her weekend in Gamay.



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