Meditation with Spotify

Today was my first day of a successful meditation. I planned to just sit for 10 minutes while the Nature Sound is on my ears. But here’s what happened…

Calming Beach sound. Ahhhh… The beauty of the beach! I’ve imagined myself on the sand seeing the waves hit the rocks and the shore. The noise was becoming loud. I suddenly saw myself drowning. I still have that fear of deep water. Not good. So, I changed the sound to Morning birds. That was okay. I’ve imagined myself sitting around wild flowers and green grass. Twilight. Where’s Edward? Okay. Focus on your breathing. Don’t forget to breathe. Nice!
After a few minutes (because I didn’t time myself), I changed the music to Soft Rain. That was good! I saw myself in a light lit room facing the glass door and the rain. I saw a white lady. Not good. Focus on your breathing! The Purge. President Duterte. Drug addicts. Killings. Blood. Okay… Not good. Go back to the room and the rain sound.

After fighting whether to go back to the room or let my brain comment on the recent happenings in the country, I’ve decided to do the Seed position that I’ve learned from a book.

Stretching my arms to the farthest possible, I tried to imagine myself as a seed. The stretch on my back felt really good. My brain wandered again. Paulo Coelho. The road to Santiago. Aleph? Nope. I was trying to remember the book where I’ve learned this exercise. I’ve tried to enumerate the Coelho books I’ve read but I failed. So I thought to stop and go back to my breathing and the rain sound. Then I focused on. Feeling myself like a seed being watered by nature. I’m inside the earth. Wet. Nice! But after a good few minutes, I felt my forehead hurt. So I thought about doing a little yoga and some stretching. I’m still hearing the rain sound. That’s a long one!
Stretching and yoga felt good. The Dog pose was awesome! I felt my nerves on my back and feet stretched really good. And then I thought about a hot cup of coffee. Good job, Kat!

Well that’s pretty much what happens when you’re trying to do something that’s really not part of your day. But I will soon get the hang of this. Soon enough, my mind will learn how to focus and stop wandering. πŸ™‚


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