Romancing Luzon: Sleep and Dip in Batangas

I was struggling to keep my head up as I ride on the bus heading to Batangas City. It was five in the morning; I didn’t catch a single sleep after work. I had a few bottles of beer before I get on the Bus.  I took a nap in an almost 2 hour trip and I’m glad I woke up when the driver pulled over at the Grand Terminal in Balagtas. My head was still floating and my eyes screamed for more sleep but I fought the tiredness and continued my trip settling my goal for Lobo.

From Balagtas terminal, I rode a jeepney to Brgy. Lawas where I thought the resort is located. Only to find out that I still have to take another hour ride to the town of Lobo.  Did I lose you there? Yes, me too! I thought Brgy. Lawas is already in Lobo, apparently, it is still part of Batangas City.

I found my way to the terminal heading Lobo from a local woman who is a relative of a beach resort owner in Lobo. The terminal is located at the back of the Church which is located near SM City Batangas. During the one hour and some minutes ride to Lobo, I slept more. I was really tired and my body was craving to lie down.  I got off the jeepney at the town proper of Lobo and took a tricycle ride to Lawas Seaside resort.  It felt like a forty-five minute ride. The place is too far from the town proper it actually reminds me of Grandeur in Badian, Cebu.

I didn’t feel bored though. The view is so refreshing: tall trees stood along the road, green grass extending to far ends of the mountains. You’ll hear and see children laughing, playing around, houses made of wood, nipa and bamboo.  You’ll hear the birds chirping, the beautiful feeling of a 9AM sun. It instantly occurred to me that I am already very far from the chaos of the metro.

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I had to ask the driver to drop me off at the main entrance of the resort because I already feel tired from sitting. I had a sudden feeling of panic when I realized that the resort was so quiet. The reception area was closed and I had to walk around calling people.  The care taker came from the beach and told me that they don’t have an available room for me because there is an event scheduled for the evening. I felt sad but he told me to walk around as there are other resorts nearby that could probably accommodate me.

So I exited from the resort to the beach. I felt like the sun was grilling me but I fought harder and just looked for a place to stay. Luckily, I saw a girl who took me to a small resort with a few kubo houses. And that’s when I changed my plans.  I thought, I could not stay overnight in a kubo so I had to head back to the city before evening. The care takers are very warm and they welcomed me even if I was their only guest for that day.

I tried to read Gretchen Rubin but I fell asleep as soon as I turn a page. I woke up under the blazing heat of the sun. I didn’t eat anything except chips and stick-O. I spent more time doing nothing, thinking about nothing at the beach. I slept more lying on the sand under the coconut trees where I hid myself from the sun. At 3PM I’ve decided to dip myself in the water. And at 4PM I left the resort to catch the last trip back to Batangas City. The owner of the resort and the care takers was really concerned about me that they’ve sent someone to give me a ride from their resort to the town proper.

Thinking about it now, I should have stayed overnight and talked more with the care takers who actually stay there 24 hours every day and take places of going home every once a week.  I should have enjoyed a campfire by the beach and ate grilled fish for dinner. Maybe next time.

When I arrived back in Batagas City, I was thinking where to stay for the night. My mobile data wasn’t doing any good and I had to walk around to look for food to eat. I ended up eating in a fast food restaurant in SM City. I was still undecided whether to stay overnight or go back home, so I had a walk around the city in the middle of the night. And I must say the city is a safe place.

The locals are very willing to help when you seem lost. I remember a man asking me what I was looking for when he noticed that some random girl with a big Hello Kitty bag is a little lost in a poor-lit street. I felt a little scared that I ended up telling him I was looking for a vehicle to take me back to the Grand Terminal. He gave me instructions and told me where I should get off exactly. He even warned me not to ride a tricycle as it will be very expensive (they don’t have Taxi cabs in this place). I was so pleased and relieved at the same time that I bowed to him while thanking.  I arrived in Alabang at 11 in the evening but I didn’t go home right away. I stayed in a Sogo Hotel near our place. I know, it’s weird.



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