If you’re going to die and live again multiple times, would you stay on the same loop to change your fate?

Some people may find it pretty easy. No rocket science needed. You’d probably answer “no” even before the clock ticks for the next second. You’d probably think it’ll be stupid to keep running around on the same circle. Well, it. Is. Stupid. The answer is very easy: NO. You would not want to keep on doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results each time you try.

Ask me this question. I won’t give you an answer. It’s a pretty tough question. No. Actually, it’s easy to say the answer but doing it is the challenging part- Or at least, for me.

We, humans keep on doing the same thing every day without even noticing any difference on our everyday lives.  We have habits.  They are what keep us busy while routines are what make us think every day. It’s not easy to either master a routine or let of an old habit go, as both are already imprinted on our daily lives.

When I started to keep track of my daily tasks, I wanted to give up right away. There’s just too many of them! At work, I’ve tried to engage myself in new habits; something that I haven’t done, factually. I’ve tried to keep an eagle eye on my every action and observed myself. I took down notes of my possible improvements and areas that I need to work on more. I’ve noticed some bad habits and clapped myself on seeing good ones.  Now the question is: “WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THESE BAD HABITS?”  Very good question! I don’t know. I’ve actually tried eliminating them one by one and replacing them with good ones. I guess I was able to get along well with my new good habits and guess what? It didn’t take long. Tehee! I am so attached with my old habits I could not let go of them so easily no matter how bad they are. Although, I am not stopping right there just because it’s already my limit.

And so to push this, I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before since August. I have not finished the book yet and you know am gonna blame my work sched here again because that’s what I do best. Hahaha! I’m partnering it with The Happiness Project which I’ve started reading and re-reading since 2014 with another good novel about chasing dreams which is by the way my main goal for this year. Hah! Looks like I’ve failed to achieve this. But as what they say:  there’s another tomorrow to start again…



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