THE LINGO (10 Words that I often use but you won’t understand unless you know the Bisaya Gay Language)

Living in Cebu for almost three years has taught me a lot of things. One of which is the Gay Lingo. And ever since I’ve learned how to use the language, I would normally mix some terminologies in my daily conversations with people.

And here, I present to you my most used words that people in Manila will not understand but I still use them anyway just because it’s “layshu”!

  1. Gor (adj) : Old. A term derived from the word “gorang” which means very old.
  2. Shufa/Shufo (adj): Good-looking. From the words gwapa (girl) and gwapo (boy).
  3. Bianca (n): Girl. Originating from the word “ebay” which means “baye” in Bisaya.
  4. Kiki/Kikiru/Ikal (n): Boy. “Ikal” is the reversed form of “Laki” which pertains to the male gender. I usually use Kikiru to refer to a good-looking/attractive guy.
  5. Aya Midel (adj): Bisexual. Originated from the term “Maya” which means Bisexual. The original term used and most commonly used in Cebu is “Ayam” which is the reversed form of Maya.
  6. Yuya/Avtoy (adj): Gay. From the word “Bayot”.
  7. Laysho/Layshu (adj): Fancy. From the word “sosyal”. I most likely to use this word when I could not find a perfect adjective to use. 😉
  8. Mietch (n): Team Manager.
  9. Imal (adj): Delicious. “Lami” is a Bisaya term for delicious. This word is commonly used to describe a hot or sexy person.
  10. Kur (adj): Correct/Right. My longer version of this word is “Curriculum Vitae”. I know it could have been better to just say “Right”. But you see, it’s more layshu! Haha!


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